15 Characteristic Feature of Early Brain Cancer

15 Characteristic Feature of Early Brain Cancer
The brain serves to regulate nerve cells in the body. If brain damage, disruption, or stricken with a serious illness, then the nervous system in the body can not be controlled properly. Therefore, the existence of the brain, including maintaining the health of these organs is the most important thing. Because the brain has a very important role for human life in particular.

Brain cancer is a malignant tumor of the brain, deadly disease is spreading rapidly to other parts, from the brain to the spinal cord. However, not all brain tumors are malignant. There is also a benign brain tumor where the tumor is a group of brain cells whose growth can still be controlled so it does not spread to other tissues around the brain.

Baseline characteristics of brain cancer is very difficult to recognize. there should be some further examination medically to detect the presence of cancer in the brain. To avoid this - it is not desirable, it is necessary to recognize the characteristic feature of early brain cancer as early as possible. Although basically, symptoms of each person will vary according to the size of the brain and brain tumors. By knowing these characteristics, we can do early prevention against this disease. The baseline characteristics are as follows.

1. Often feel severe headaches
15 Characteristic Feature of Early Brain Cancer
15 Characteristic Feature of Early Brain Cancer 
Strongly recommended not to neglect this condition, because it could have been a hallmark of their brain cancer. Moreover, if the headache is felt to be very severe, frequent, and continuous. Make checks by a doctor to ascertain whether those conditions are characteristic of the beginning of brain cancer.

2. The vision becomes unfocused
The characteristics of the beginning of their brain cancer is the vision becomes unfocused. If visual disturbances occur suddenly when the eyes are healthy, this is a condition that needs to watch out for their brain cancer. This condition can be caused by the cancer cells or tumor begins to spread to the eye tissue. Need further examination to ensure these characteristics.

3. Some members of the body difficult to move
Brain function as a regulator of nerve cells in the body. If the health of the brain is disrupted, one consequence is difficulty moving a limb. If the cancer cells or tumors invade brain tissue, then these characteristics will be felt by people affected by brain cancer.

4. Changes in mental
Mental disorders experienced by people who suffer from brain cancer, such as memory loss or memory, difficulty in concentrating, frequent sleepiness, and behavioral changes. As a result of this mental change, people who develop brain cancer have difficulties in doing an activity. Immediately doing further treatment so that the condition is not getting worse.

5. Frequent vomiting
Brain cancer will often experience vomiting. This condition usually occurs in the morning, accompanied by headache outstanding. Fluid vomiting issued usually somewhat greenish color.

6. The body becomes frequent seizures
Brain cancer can result in motor activity of the brain become abnormal so that the person is having a seizure. Seizures in people with brain cancer usually occurs suddenly, then became lost consciousness, biting his own tongue, and even did not breathe for 30 seconds long. After passing these conditions, brain cancer patients will experience headaches, drowsiness, and pain in the muscles.

7. Experiencing blindness
In addition to an interruption in sight, slowly people who develop brain cancer will experience blindness. This condition will occur if the brain cancer has started to enter the stage or advanced stage. This occurred after the majority of cancer cells or tumor spread to disrupt the existing network of the eye.

8. There was a disturbance of consciousness
Brain cancer patients will experience in patients with impaired consciousness. These characteristics can be seen when the brain cancer patients, of whom often shocked, stunned, and experiencing loss of memory or forgot what to do.

9. There was an unconscious
This condition is also a trait that occurs when the cancer is at an advanced stage. If the cancer cells or tumor spread more widely, the brain cancer patients will experience unconsciousness. Even the person becomes aware environment. This condition is the result of impaired consciousness.

10. Weight loss
The body's metabolism in brain cancer patients become unstable because it is affected by the cancer cells that attack the brain. The impact what happens is, the weight of people who suffer from brain cancer to be down drastically.

11. Having a fever
Fever is a common disease would be dangerous and even deadly for people with brain cancer. Therefore, further examination should be done by a doctor to confirm the symptoms.

12. Loss of sensation
Loss of sensation is the intent of cognitive decline or reasoning. This is due to impaired development of brain function caused by the presence of cancer cells or tumors in the brain. These cancer cells resulting in the brain to be functioning normally, thus causing thought to be flat.

13. The decline in the ability to hear and smell
Brain cancer will cause the system impaired hearing and smell. This condition will only get worse along with the extent of the spread of cancer cells in organs in the surrounding areas.

14. Experiencing paralysis
The brain is an organ whose main function is to control the nervous system. If the cancer or tumor cells invade the midbrain, the brain cancer patients will experience paralysis of the face and even on the body.

15. Menstruation stops abnormally
For women, need to watch out when menstruation stops abnormally. This is one of the characteristics of their brain cancer. Therefore, if you have this condition immediately do further tests.

Step Anticipation Brain Cancer

Preventive action is taken to anticipate the things that arise worsened. The family has a very important role to make decisions in the treatment of this disease. Here are some things you can do to anticipate various diseases, especially cancer of the brain.
  1. Looking for the most accurate medical information about the disease and the preferred method of treatment of brain cancer.
  2. If you are having difficulty in remembering a question and answer, write these things as a reminder for you.
  3. Take effective decisions in selecting methods of handling or maintenance will be performed. It can help in removing fear from misunderstanding about brain cancer.
  4. Avoid to force yourself to do activities like before diagnosis. Determine the limits of action that will be done to yourself.
  5. That is the exposure of the baseline characteristics of brain cancer. After knowing these characteristics, you should immediately do the handling. Treatment can be either prevention or treatment.
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