3 Benefits of Vitamin C for Cancer (Injection)

 3 Benefits of Vitamin C for Cancer (Injection)
Cancer is one of the few diseases that can be combated by administering vitamin C. Cancer is a disease that many feared because they are classified deadly disease. Sufferers can also be of all ages. Some cancer patients generally do treatment through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. Currently, vitamin C is also beneficial to the fight against cancer. Researchers produced some findings that prove that the administration of vitamin C in high doses by injection in cancer patients to help suppress cancer cells being spread. That is because high doses of vitamin C will make the process being undertaken patients chemotherapy more effective.

Vitamin C is absorbed by the patient's body will quickly be able to kill the cancer cells (and is not harmful to normal cells). Treatment with this method is very effective, especially relatively affordable cost required.

 3 Benefits of Vitamin C for Cancer (Injection)High doses of vitamin C with intravenous methods will stimulate the production of hydrogen peroxide naturally. This action is expected that the body can contribute to fight cancer cells. Such mechanisms similar to the chemotherapy drug but without causing harmful side effects of cancer.

Patients received an intravenous infusion by the administration of vitamin C experienced fewer side effects than chemotherapy. Damage to the nervous system, liver, bone marrow and pancreas or other organs only a few accepted. The side effects include nausea decreased with increasing energy.

In addition, Vitamin C can also minimize the effects of chemotherapy are most adversely affect the physical, mental and emotional cancer patients. taking high doses of vitamin C to reduce some effects such as lethargy, pain, and improve appetite. Therefore, the prevention of cancer by taking vitamin C is recommended. It dikerenakan vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the body high levels of free radicals.

For prevention for people who do not have cancer are simply using vitamin C is consumed directly from vegetables, fruits, or vitamin C supplements are safe to take every day. As for cancer patients is highly recommended for use with high doses of vitamin C as an injection. Use of injection include three important roles to do the content of vitamin C is as follows:

1. Protection of Oxidative Stress

As we know that at the present time the effects of the pollutants is very bad for the health development of the body. Things to watch is the free radicals that can attack through the pores as well as a variety of materials consumed either cosmetics, food, beverages, and other chemicals. Here, the role of vitamin C to have a protective effect on stress (oxidative stress). At this stage, vitamin C serves as an antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals.

2. Anti Inflammation

In certain cancers such as gastric cancer, for example, the main cause is due to chronic inflammation in the stomach area of the patient. Inflammation in turn triggers the cells that have been damaged to grow into cancer cells. At this stage vitamin C provide anti-inflammatory effects by reducing the inflammation process. In addition, vitamin C also absorb oxidative radicals to allow the inflammation of the gastric mucosa is minimized.

3. Absorbing Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a cancer-triggering substances are very well known. Hydrogen peroxide compounds known to inhibit communication between cells. Given these obstacles, the relation is with the carcinogenic process. Carcinogenic processes directly related to the development of tumor cells which eventually spread to organs. The role of vitamin C in this period is to maintain the communication process between cells with the capture or absorb compounds of hydrogen peroxide.

The third role played by vitamin C is very beneficial for the chemopreventive. With its antioxidant role of vitamin C can quickly kill free radicals and clean the damaged cells. As an anti-inflammatory vitamin C will prevent the formation and growth of cancer cells.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants is highly recommended because it is the most effective way to prevent cancer, because of the development of tumors and cancer has associated with oxidation and inflammation. To reduce the risk of cancer is more appropriate to eat a diet rich in antioxidants compared to only contain one type of antioxidant alone. That is because the chemopreventive effects will be felt when the antioxidant derived from some combination of vitamins and active components (phenolic compounds, fiber, indole, allium, selenium, and vitamins). The combination can be obtained through a variety of fruits and vegetables commonly found everyday. Therefore, eating 5 kinds of fruit or vegetables every day can help lower the risk of cancer for about 200-300 mg of vitamin C is automatically absorbed by the body.
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