4 Stem Brain Cancer Causes and Symptoms

4 Stem Brain Cancer Causes and Symptoms
Central nervous system possessed by humans and other living creatures is the brain. The brain is able to regulate the movement of the whole body, helping to think and react to different kinds of stimulation from the environment. In addition, the brain also has a very important role on the function of memory, emotion, learning, and other important functions.

Structure of The Human Brain

4 Stem Brain Cancer Causes and Symptoms
4 Stem Brain Cancer Causes and Symptoms
In humans, the brain has several sections, each of which have different functions, but equally important. Here is the structure of the human brain and its importance to human function:

The brain consists of a lot of nerve cells. In this section, there is a small cavity that separates the right and left parts of the brain. Each hemisphere of the brain is divided into several areas, such as the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes. It is part of the brain that is generally recognized as a center of thought, memory, learning, cognition and others.

Diencephalon situated above the brain stem and includes the thalamus and hypothalamus. The thalamus serves to respond to incoming sensory information to the cerebral cortex in other parts of the brain. In addition, the thalamus also serves to respond to pain, pressure, temperature, touch, and even play a role in emotion and memory of man.

While the hypothalamus serves to regulate the function of the autonomic nervous system, among which controls heart rate and digestion. The hypothalamus helps produce several hormones, such as endocrine and regulate body temperature to remain nonrmal. In addition, the hypothalamus also gives information on hunger, satiety and thirst. Not only that, the hypothalamus also has a role to give to the human emotions, such as anger, sleepy or awake.

The cerebellum is located at the bottom and back of the brain stem. The brain is shaped like a butterfly, which the wings are part of the cerebellum and each wing is made up of lobes that have different shapes. The function of the cerebellum is the center of human muscle control needed to regulate the body's balance, posture, and maintaining the body to remain upright.

The brain stem is the continuation of the spinal cord. This section consists of the medulla oblongata, pons and midbrain. The medulla oblongata is the spinal cord that stretches up to the brain.

Medulla oblongata serves to connect the messages sent between the brain and the spinal cord. Messages or control held by this section is coordination for swallowing, vomiting, hiccups, coughing and sneezing. In addition there is also a section in the medulla that play a role in maintaining human conscious state.

Pons messages act as a bridge between the spinal cord and brain as a whole. Meanwhile, midbrain will serve to convey the stimulus from the cerebral cortex to the pons and spinal cord. In addition, the midbrain also tasked to respond to visual and audio stimuli that would involve the senses of sight and head.

The brain is an important organ that is very useful to humans, and what if a vital part of the very danger of getting cancer? What are the implications? First, let us consider first the causes of brain stem cancer following:

Cancer Causes Brain Stem

In general, cancer could result from damage due to gene mutations in the cells of the human body. Especially for the brain, there is a belief that the main causes of brain cancer is for the patient to radiation or certain toxins that increase the risk of tumors or brain cancer.

Here are some things that may be a cause of cancer of the brain stem:

1. High Radiation
High radiation can cause human DNA is broken and make it mutate to cause cancers of the brain stem occurs. High radiation could have caused a person can work in a high-radiation, such as radiology laboratories, to excessive use of mobile phones.

Although no studies that actually prove that there is a close relationship between mobile phone use with brain cancer occurrence, but it should still watch. Based on the results of research released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Lyon, France, on May 31, 2011, there is evidence of increased glioma and increased risk of acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users. In this study, explained that mobile phone radiation is classified as dangerous with carcinogenic or cancer-triggering substances, such as lead, engine smoke, and chloroform which could interfere with biological processes in the body and cause cancer.

2. Genetic factors
As with other types of cancer, cancer of the brain stem can also occur because there are genetic factors. If there is one family member who has a history of cancer of the brain stem, then that person's risk of cancer of the brain stem will be higher.

3. HIV Virus
HIV AIDS virus is believed to be the same virus that causes brain cancer. This is because the HIV-AIDS virus attacks the immune system of patients who ultimately makes the body more susceptible to other viruses.

4. Exposure to chemicals is high
Exposure to chemicals that cause cancer and brain stem can come from pesticides that enter the body through the vegetable or fruit that is washed less clean and still contaminated pesticides. Additionally, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other addictive substances in foods can also cause cancer.

5. Smoking
Smoking is not good for health and one of the bad effects of smoking is that it can increase the risk of cancer. Smoking will put poison in the body of smokers over time will grow the cancer cells.

Stem Brain Cancer Symptoms

For cancer patients, treatment to treat it would be more effective if done when the cancer is still at an early stage. If the cancer has been to recognize the symptoms early, cancer treatment will be easier so that it can increase the likelihood of the patient to recover and clear of cancer. So, let's look at some of the symptoms of cancer of the brain stem follows that you are more aware and able to treat cancer more quickly.

Continuous headache and does not go away is a sign that you are suffering from a serious illness. Moreover, if the headache is often attacked you.

There are parts of the brain stem which is in charge of giving signals of hunger, satiety, vomiting and hiccups. If the brain stem cancer, this function will be disturbed and make the sufferer feel sick and want vomiting.

3. Feeling weak
Conditions such as these are common symptoms of cancer patients. Moreover, if the cancer is brain stem, where one of brainstem function is to maintain your posture and maintain self-awareness. Therefore, if you feel very weak though they were relaxing, you should immediately see a doctor, because it could be you are suffering from cancer or other serious illness may be.

5. Difficult walk
Patients with brain stem cancer will find it difficult to walk due to the disruption of the function of maintaining balance and posture. Whenever the stand and will walk, cancer patients will feel unable to walk properly.

6. Vision and hearing impaired
The senses of sight and hearing in patients with brain stem cancer will be disrupted. Patients will find it difficult to hear and would be felt myopic vision. The longer the cancer is not treated, gets worse and cause cancer experienced symptoms of impaired vision and hearing are also getting worse.

6. Numbness in the feet and hands
Other brain cancer symptoms are frequent numbness in the hands and feet. This could occur because the nerve center of the hands and feet disturbed by the presence of cancer cells in the brain.

7. Difficulty concentrating
Difficulty in concentration in patients with brain stem cancer makes people become unfocused and often think is not systematic or ramble.

8. Being forgetful
The brain stem also plays a role in the ability of human memory. If the brain stem plagued by the cancer cell of course will cause sufferers to forgetfulness and difficulty remembering things.

9. Power of smell decreases
Not only the senses of sight and hearing, sense of smell may be distracted by the presence of cancer cells. As a result, the patient will be less sensitive to odors around him.

10. Paralyzed
In more severe cases, patients can become cancer stem partly paralyzed on the face or body. If this has happened, it means that the cancer that attacks the brain is getting worse. You can try to find out about the stages and symptoms of brain cancer for more details to know how severe the brain cancer that may have occurred.

11. Drowsiness
Feeling sleepy constantly it could be because you have cancer of the brain stem esophageal cancer. This indicates that the brain's ability to keep the body awake begin disturbed by the presence of cancer cells in the brain stem.
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