5 Differences Thyroid Cancer and Goiter Important To Know

5 Differences Thyroid Cancer and Goiter Important To Know

Some types of cancer that attacks many organs have successfully claimed the life of a person. This happens due to lack of knowledge about the early symptoms of cancer. Inadequate knowledge resulting in new cancers detected late so noted when already at an advanced stage and this is a very dangerous condition.

Thyroid cancer is often misunderstood, which is a common disease called goiter. It really is a very wrong assumption. Actually toroid cancer symptoms and mumps almost similar. But when observed more closely, you will see the difference between the two diseases. 

Thyroid cancer is a cancer that attacks the gland is a butterfly which was in the area of the esophagus. The thyroid is a gland whose name has a shape like a butterfly and is located in the front of the neck. The thyroid gland secretes hormones function (Triidothyronin, Thyroxine, Calcitonin) and regulate body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and body weight.

Thyroid cancer is a growth of abnormal cells in the thyroid gland. These cancers include cancers that are still rare, and can be easily cured if known since the beginning. Patients with thyroid cancer usually aged around 35 years and over and 70 years and over. According to the research, hormonal changes in the female reproductive system makes the disease more often suffered by women, especially the elderly.

Some of the factors that cause thyroid cancer namely:
  • The existence of radiation
  • genetic
  • goiter who have chronic (Cause is often overlooked)

Discuss the mumps, most people would think that this disease only diseases caused by iodine deficiency alone. Type no toxic goiter, if mumps left or delayed treatment until it can result in chronic thyroid glands become swollen and trigger cancer cells.

goitre or more familiar with mumps is a disease caused by swelling of the neck or the front side of the throat. This condition is due to the abnormal growth of the thyroid gland. Graves' disease can also occur due to interference with the thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormone the body needs. Both types of the disease, both goiter and thyroid cancer is actually very related. Both are diseases that attack the thyroid gland. It is even said that thyroid cancer can be caused by a sluggish thyroid disease treatment. Here are the symptoms of thyroid disease and thyroid cancer have in common.

Symptoms of Thyroid Disease
  • Sore throat
  • Lack of appetite
  • Mouth become strained and their feelings of pain when swallowing
  • The occurrence of high fever at night
  • Ear be buzzing
  • The presence of a small lump in the throat
Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer
  • Excessive sweating
  • Lump in the throat, and pain.
  • Slightly menstruation in women
  • Weight loss
  • Heart beat
  • Anxious
  • Concentrations decreased

If the views of some of the symptoms of Graves' disease and thyroid cancer, both have a vague distinction with early symptoms of mumps. But if identified further, it will be found differences in the symptoms of the two diseases. The difference in thyroid cancer and thyroid disease are as follows:

1. The impact of psychological

According to the research report, an outline of patients with thyroid disease or thyroid cancer will experience a period of reduced appetite. In patients with goiter lack of appetite can cause an unstable condition of the body such as high fever. While In patients with thyroid cancer, they will experience excessive sweat production (note the cancer is still in the early stages).

2. Lump

Goiter and thyroid cancer together will cause a lump in the throat. If a further note, it will show the difference in both. In mumps lump can appear anywhere on the throat, while the thyroid cancer, mostly found on the front of the throat (below the Adam's apple). If the bit is pressed, a lump in the thyroid disease was not too sick even though it was enlarged. While thyroid cancer, although still small, the bump is going to hurt when pressed.

3. Heart Abnormalities
In Patients with goiter, will not be impaired in heart. Disorders that question is the emergence of anxiety, restless, and palpitations. Such abnormalities are found only in patients with thyroid cancer.

4. The main factor
Judging from the main factor, the cause of both diseases can be said to be different. Mumps purely because of disruption of the thyroid gland is not able to regulate hormone secretion in accordance with the needs of the body, in addition to the diet is not balanced iodine will trigger this disease. It can be said that the mumps is a mild thyroid disease. Thyroid cancer is due to the thyroid gland yng already swollen and trigger cancer cells to grow because it is not addressed immediately. Several other factors such as thyroid disease and chronic radiation effects as chemotherapy or radiotherapy of cancer also trigger this disease.

5. Pain Throat
Pain in the throat would be equally experienced by patients with thyroid cancer and thyroid disease. The difference will be seen in the pain. In Graves' disease feels pain when swallowing food alone, while thyroid cancer, throat pain will be felt even just swallow saliva.

Basically, goiter and thyroid cancer have in common, both symptoms, triggers, and handling. Both were influenced by the same factors hormone excess and cause swelling in the thyroid gland. Judging from handling, thyroid disease can be cured with herbal medicine or traditional ingredients such as iodine consumption with a stable dose, or the mangosteen fruit concoctions. While the handler in patients with thyroid cancer is still in its early stages, it can be easily treated with certain prescription drugs, such as surgical removal action performed when the cancer is at an advanced stage.
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