5 Ways to Prevent Thyroid Cancer

5 Ways to Prevent Thyroid Cancer
The thyroid gland is a gland shaped like a butterfly and is located at the base of the neck or the bottom of the Adam's apple for men, here is where the occurrence of thyroid cancer. Thyroid cancer, including the type of cancer that can be cured with appropriate actions. Thyroid function is to regulate body temperature, the condition of body weight, blood pressure and heart rate in humans. Viewed from that, then of course the role of the thyroid gland is very important for the body and our health so that disruption of the thyroid gland will cause complex health problems.

Growing process Thyroid Cancer

5 Ways to Prevent Thyroid Cancer
5 Ways to Prevent Thyroid Cancer
The cause of thyroid cancer is the most important to date have not been found and is still under investigation. But for the early formation of thyroid cancer has been found that when there are a few number of cells in the thyroid gland have a genetic mutation. These changes will encourage the cells to more rapidly grow and proliferate beyond normal cells. When there is a lot of production cells continue to live and thrive, then the cells can not die in a faster time. Cell growth that can not be resolved will be the abnormal cells in the thyroid that will be the beginning of a tumor causing cancer. These abnormal cells may be only in the thyroid gland but also can be spread to all parts of the body.

People who have a higher risk of thyroid cancer should do some prevention. They are the ones who have lineage with thyroid cancer, who have a high risk of developing thyroid cancer. Appointment can be done to prevent the thyroid before cancer appears. However, this action must be done with consideration of a very wide, including the health condition of the patient.

Appointment of the thyroid is not the only precaution, but everyone can prevent thyroid cancer by the following methods:

1. Avoid Radiation

Those who have a higher risk of thyroid cancer should avoid all kinds of radiation exposure such as examination with a CT scan, X-ray, and some other types of medical tests. These audits can only be done with a very low dose. It is as much known on HandPhone radiation causes brain cancer.

2. Examination Blood Tests

This examination can be done for all those who have a history of thyroid cancer in the family. Inspections will be conducted on a regular basis in an effort to know the symptoms and early detection so that appropriate treatment can be performed immediately. If proven thyroid cancer, it can be done removal of the thyroid and thyroid hormone throughout life consumption.

This blood test should also be conducted on people who are at risk of:
  • breast cancer
  • cervical cancer
  • bone cancer

3. Avoid consuming Cigarettes

Smoking has so many health risks, one of which is the cause of thyroid cancer. That's because the cigarettes contain nicotine that could be carcinogens or cancer builder substances in the body. Smoking can also cause health problems serious enough for the throat like some kind of cancer the most deadly in the world. So avoid smoking before smoking will kill you! You need to remember, smoking is not a friend, but an enemy. Many people take up smoking, loneliness, disappointment and just to lifestyle.

4. Break Organized

Body should get regular breaks as needed. When the body is overworked, it can cause some disruption to the working system of the thyroid gland. Regular breaks do not have to sleep but could also relax, enjoy the fresh air or gather with family, could be a step way to prevent thyroid cancer is most easily done.

5. Eating Healthy and Nutritious

To avoid thyroid cancer then it can start to consume a variety of foods that contain iodine in small quantities. For patients with thyroid cancer can follow some rules below:

a. Foods to avoid:
  • Avoid all foods that contain high iodine
  • Avoid all types of milk, cheese, dairy products, ice cream, butter and yogurt.
  • Avoid foods that are baked, grilled or wear preservatives
  • Various types of food from the sea, including seaweed
  • Various types of processed foods soy and nuts
  • Egg yolk

b. Food that is allowed is fresh food like vegetables, fruits and meat cooked with low salt content or special salt with low iodine.

Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer does not cause symptoms initially specialized making it difficult to recognize. Many cases are discovered when it becomes cancer, because early detection is difficult to do. There are several things to consider when one is feeling some of the symptoms of thyroid cancer specifically below:
  • Feel for lumps that grow around the inside of the neck skin, regular checks can be early detection of the most inexpensive.
  • A normal voice became raspy and heavy though not in a state of fatigue or after a loud noise
  • Would be in pain when swallowing food and beverage
  • Prolonged pain in the neck
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck
Thyroid cancer healing process will indeed be easier if detected early. It also depends on your age, activity, level of public health and a range of health problems that have occurred. However, a common type of thyroid cancer can be cured by surgical removal of the thyroid and hormone tiroid.Terlebih consumption of all the effort that then prevents the thyroid cancer is more important to be done by everyone.
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