8 Early Signs of Brain Cancer Most Dangerous

8 Early Signs of Brain Cancer Most Dangerous
8 Early Signs of Brain Cancer Most Dangerous
8 Early Signs of Brain Cancer Most Dangerous
The brain is the organ can control of all activities undertaken by the body. Various activities were conducted bersamaanpun controlled by the brain. The brain can be likened to a processor in a computer. If the processor is impaired or even damaged, then the computer will not be able to function optimally. Similar to the brain, when there is interference on the part of the brain just a little, then the body can not perform activities perfectly. Therefore, to maintain brain health is very important, because damage to these organs can be dangerous.

The brain is responsible for all activities of everyday people, even to the slightest activity. Brain function is very complex. And this organ is potentially a particular disorder by so many diseases or disorders. Some diseases such as stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, vertigo, meningitis, to the most dangerous is the brain cancer is a wide variety of disorders that can occur in the brain.

Brain cancer is a type of malignant tumor that attacks the brain and can spread to other parts (metastasize) in a short time. The existence of brain cancer are often not recognized by the sufferer and this is a very mengasihankan condition because it can be fatal. This disease must be treated early. For that, let us identify some signs of brain cancer below:

Susceptible to prolonged headache and recurring is something to be wary of. You need to know that this condition is one of the early signs of brain cancer. Headaches can indeed be an indicator of various diseases, one of them with brain cancer. But that does not mean that all types of headaches are an indication of this dangerous disease. To know the headaches suffered by us is an early sign of cancer of the brain or not is not easy. Required further examination such as CT scan or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). But some signals this headache can give you a little brain cancer symptoms in a person:
  • Headaches that appear accompanied by other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness, or even unconscious.
  • Headaches that arise when someone bagun in the morning. Headache is also usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting and will be recovered in the afternoon. Although it is getting better, but be careful that this condition is actually a sign of brain cancer.
  • Headaches that gradually gets worse instead, namely headaches arising more and more often.
  • Headaches that are deteriorating due to body movements such as bending, coughing, or sneezing.

The early symptoms of brain cancer in addition to their headaches are vomiting. But not all vomiting may be indicated as a symptom of brain cancer. Do not underestimate if you experience vomiting in the morning without preceded by a feeling of nausea. Headaches are also usually accompanies vomiting if it happens to someone who is suffering from brain cancer. In addition, note also the color of the liquid is removed. Colored greenish fluid coming out of your vomiting is a sign that you are suffering from brain cancer.
3. Impaired Consciousness
Brain cancer will cause impaired nervous system. One of the signs of nervous system disruption experienced by patients with brain cancer is a decrease or disturbance of consciousness. This condition is usually characterized by several things including often surprised, often staring, and often forget what they are doing

Dementia can also be a signal the presence of cancer. This is because the brain is the center of all the memory so that if impaired the person's memory will decline. But again, not all people with dementia is a brain cancer. Need further investigation to confirm it.

5. Vision Impaired
Disturbances in vision may be a sign of some specific diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, cataracts, and brain cancer. Several features of visual disturbances that signal the presence of brain cancers include blurred vision, loss of text while reading, look as if flashing lights, double vision and can only see straight ahead.

6. Changes in Mental
One sign of decreased brain function is the changing of one's mental health. Some mental changes that can be experienced by people with brain cancer include difficulty concentrating, memory loss / memory, sleepiness bekepanjangan complaint despite hours of sleep is enough, and their behavior changes.

7. Movement Disturbed
If there is cancer in the brain, there will be interference with the movement of the body. Someone who developed brain cancer will lose balance when walking, often stumble when walking, as well as the disruption or difficulty coordinating movement of limbs.

8. Seizures
In addition to people with epilepsy, brain cancer patients can experience symptoms of seizures. Seizures occur because of abnormalities in the motor activity of the brain. In patients with brain cancer, experienced seizures usually often occurs suddenly, accompanied by muscle contractions and loss of consciousness, stop breathing for short periods, the body loses control, headaches, and patients will be weak.

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