All About Cervical Cancer

All About Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is the most deadly type of cancer for women and one of the most suffered by women. Cervical cancer is also known as cervical cancer is one of the most deadly type of cancer for women who invade the cervix.

All About Cervical Cancer
All About Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is a malignant form of cancer that attacks the female reproductive organs (uterus). The disease is ranked as the top cancer among others and become a big enemy for women, because a lot of women who die from cervical esophageal cancer. Needs to be underlined, cervical cancer disease is fatal if not treated seriously. For the weaker sex, immediately check the health of the female organs before it's too late.

Cervix or uterus become a place for cancer is greatly feared by all women. This cancer is different from cancer of the uterus / known as uterine cancer. So hope you understand.

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

All About Cervical Cancer
All About Cervical Cancer
Here are some of the symptoms of cervical cancer are often encountered by sufferers:

a) Vaginal discharge tinged with blood
At the time of normal circumstances, vaginal discharge is usually creamy white or translucent white. If the discharge is experienced with the blood, immediately check and consult a specialist in case you have cervical cancer.

b) Pain during intercourse
This condition may be considered normal, but if the pain is felt excessive, maybe it's a sign you have cancer of the cervix. Do not underestimate this, immediately consult a gynecologist.

c) The weight loss and loss of appetite
Weight loss and loss of appetite suddenly you could be a sign of cervical cancer. But if some of the above points are not being experienced, weight loss and loss of appetite may be caused by other circumstances, for example you strees or you are taking medicines that affect your diet.

d) Excessive fatigue
When you feel rested, but you still feel tired all the time, you should you alert. Because this is one of the symptoms for cervical cancer.

e). Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Bleeding often occurs outside the period mensturasi not a natural thing for women, this is an abnormal condition. This is a symptom of cervical cancer. You should immediately consult a doctor before it's too late.

f) Pain in the pelvis
Pelvic pain is sudden and is not related to menstruation and other activities is one of the symptoms of Cervical Cancer. Do not consume drugs without the doctor's knowledge, it is better you consult your condition to the doctor.

g) Indigestion
Cervical cancer can also be characterized by the frequent occurrence of gastrointestinal disorders. For example, if you are experiencing chronic constipation may have you exposed Cervical Cancer.

Cause of Cervical Cancer

Many believe that cervical cancer is caused by frequent promiscuous bergonta (Sex Free). That is true, but there are other causes besides as shown below:

a) Weak Immune System

A weak immune system will be easily attacked by diseases such as cervical cancer. Maintain a healthy body and adequate rest is the recommended order of the immune system to stay awake and you will continue to have good health.

b) Smoking

Smoking may interfere with the body's organ systems not to mention the human reproductive system. Cervical cancer in women may be triggered if the woman is a smoker. Smoking may reduce the body's natural abilities in the fight against HPV (Human Papillomavirus).

c) Free Sex

Free sex is a trigger of cervical cancer, because viruses spread more quickly and transmitted during intercourse. Maintaining the health of sex organs highly recommended that we always spared from this deadly disease.

d) Cleaning sex organs

Cleanser sex organs are useful to kill the bacteria, but note that not all harmful bacteria in the vagina. If overuse cleaning sex organs, without realizing the good bacteria is killed and this makes sex organs become unsafe. Cleansing the sex organs can also cause irritation of the vagina, because the layer of skin on the vagina is very thin and easily irritated. If you already irritated, the condition is also vulnerable to cervical cancer.

e) Maniac against junk food / fast food

The food is very harmful for health. Junk food / fast food contains a lot of sodium, fats and artificial sugars. All of these foods contain minerals, vitamins and protein very little while the body is in dire need of this vital substance to deter and prevent a variety of diseases including cervical cancer.

f) Alcohol & Narcotics

Very free association such as drinking alcohol and narcotics very rife at this time. Many teens who average experience stress, broken home, and a wide range of issues in natural prefers to eat it than to solve the problem. The influence of alcohol and drugs for women have an impact on the quality of reproductive egg in the uterus. This condition is very possible occurrence of cervical cancer.


Cervical cancer is very terrible and deadly. If you already have the disease, one way is the surgical removal of the uterus, but it was not enough. After surgery you have to perform therapies such as radiation and kemoteraphy. Before cervical cancer, do a few tips for measures to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer:

a) Eat healthy foods

Begin dare to say "Say No Junk Food and Fast Food". Begin eating foods containing vitamin C, E, folic acid and beta carotene. Vegetables and fruits are very powerful ward off cancer growth in the womb.

b) Keep the sex organs properly

Did you keep the sex organs well? You can simply use water to clean your sex organs and wash your hands before touching your sex organs. By doing this natural process you will be protected from cervical cancer.

c) Avoid changing partners

Changing partners is a cause of cervical cancer occur in susceptible women. Therefore, to maintain a fidelity to the couple is the most powerful way that will prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer.

d) Avoid intercourse early

For those of you who are still very young, avoid intimate relationships early on. Because intercourse under the age of 20 are more at risk than the more than 20 years. Why? This relates to the maturity of the mucosal cells, which generally mucosal cells mature at the age of 20 years and above. So, for you who are young, strengthen your faith in order to avoid this dangerous disease.

e) Exercise regularly

Perhaps by some people, exercise is the most memalaskan. However, you should know, regular exercise can make our body become fitter and protected from cervical cancer. By doing shit up, push up in the morning can reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, you should take about 15 minutes to exercise in the morning.

f) Drinking water

Maybe we often underestimate it. Drinking water at least 1 to 2 liters of water a day, meaning that you will dispose of harmful substances in the body. The white water contains a lot of benefits, in addition to the balance of the body, water is also helpful to avoid cervical cancer.

Well, already know what it is and how to prevent cervical cancer. Ok, what are you waiting sist, before we develop cervical cancer, it helps us maintain good health and the pattern of our daily meals, in order to avoid this deadly disease.

A Health teacher and Midwife..

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