Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer
Brain Cancer
Brain Cancer
Brain cancer is a type of disease that was terrible. The disease can cause great suffering for the sufferer, even more than that of death.

Cancer of the brain can be divided into two types, namely Brain Cancer Brain Cancer Primary and Secondary. Primary brain cancer is cancer that starts from the growth of brain tumors in the brain directly. While Brain Cancer Brain Cancer Secondary is derived from the tumor or other organs and then spread to the brain. Until now the cause of the growth or the occurrence of brain cancer is not known with certainty.

Here are some steps for the early detection of brain cancer:

Brain Cancer Stadium early stage has its own characteristics. It was the beginning in which malignant tumor cells or cancer appears in the body. The early symptoms of the onset of these cells in brain cancer Stage 1 is also different. Unlike the other stages as well as different levels of the condition of the patient or the patient. In general, patients or patients with brain cancer Stage 1 most do not know that they are suffering from the disease.

The symptoms can only be seen by doing a check-up to the specialist field of cancer. Most people know the new Brain Cancer in level after Stage 1. In Stage 1 Brain Cancer, tumor or cancer cell growth like other normal cell growth in the brain. Cells begin to grow with small size and still look normal.

Patients who knows that he is suffering from brain cancer Stage 1 is usually the sufferers who often went to the doctor. This is the reason why it is always suggested we do a check-up to the doctor every month. Not only when the pain just so that when the disease can be determined as quickly as possible as well as the doctor can give action.

In the case of patients with Stage 1 Brain Cancer can be cured if treatment is most appropriate. And each stage for treatment of each patient is different.

Here are some of the stages of the journey of a brain cancer patient in treatment Stage 1:

1.) Stage Interview

At this stage the doctor will conduct interviews of patients suffering from cancer before he was sentenced. The doctor will ask and find out the reason why a patient may be suspected disease Brain Cancer Stage 1. At the interview stage and some of the factors that can support are:

a. Genetic factors
There are some people who became ill cancer as there are families, especially their parents, who also had brain cancer. Things like this can be hard to avoid being affected by cancer.

b. Environmental factor
In addition, the doctor will also ask how we live. It is associated with some cases, where there are many brain cancer patients with cancer due to the work environment or too poor housing. Eg work or live around Industrial Rubber Production, Petroleum, and others.

c. Lifestyle factors
The doctor will also ask how the lifestyle of the patient. Do not overuse gadget with a long time, use the phone too long, smoking, trauma to the head, or suffering from HIV disease. Because it can be a supporter and trigger cancer cells to grow.

And for the next stage, after the interview, the doctor will begin to give a diagnosis of the patient.

2.) Recommendations and references doctor

Once your doctor knows about the factors and triggers brain cancer, doctors will advise and provide letters of reference to carry out various tests to the patient. The test is a test CT Scan (Computerizd Tomography), MRI tests (magnetic resonance imaging), and a physical test. The doctor will write a reference to part of Radiology, what test injections should be given, as well as information that should be sought by the Radiology.

3.) Diagnosis

At this stage the doctor will come back to think carefully on the results of interviews, in the form of a trigger factor and also see the test results from the Radiology. Then the doctor will give a clear and precise diagnosis. The diagnosis included already at the level of what the brain cancer patient and where the cancer cells are.

4.) Treatment

The doctor who has been given a diagnosis will ultimately give advice on the treatment of patients who tested positive for brain cancer. For treatment, the doctor will see beforehand which treatment is suitable in accordance with the conditions of brain cancer and the health condition of the patient. Usually for Stage 1, the treatment could be through surgery. Even then, if possible, if the location of the tumor does not disturb other organs, particularly the nerves. Or it could be a combination of other treatments.

Other treatments for brain cancer is Radiotherapy, Radiosurgery, Chemotheraphy. Hyperthermia and immunotherapy. Here are some differences in the way of such treatment:
  1. Operation: This treatment is by removing and lifting of brain cancer or a tumor that does not spread to other parts, also in order not to increase.
  2. Radiotherapy: This treatment is to use the help of high radiation. The goal is to create a cancer or tumor cells become weak and are no longer growing.
  3. Radiosurgery: The purpose of this treatment is to remove the cancer or tumor cells where the cells are difficult to reach so the operation should be assisted with the Gamma Knife.
  4. Chemotherapy: The treatment is performed with the aid of injections of drugs directly to cancer cells is shown. The goal is to turn off the cell slowly. And drugs for Brain Cancer Stage 1 to stage other cancers vary.
  5. Hyperthermia: It is a treatment by means of heating.
  6. Immunotherapy: This treatment uses immune cells that are guided media to be able to fight and kill cancer cells or tumors.

If the patient is willing to accept and willing to do the treatment, the patient usually Stage 1 Brain Cancer can be cured. All depends on the ability of the patient such as inner resilience and also for costs. Because there is little brain cancer patients who mengami decrease or feel down when they learn that they are suffering from brain cancer Stage 1. In fact, it can make treatment interrupted. Viewed from things like that, then the doctor may ask the family and relatives or friends of patients in order to continue to encourage and motivate patients to make people continue eager to obtain healing.

The effects of various treatments that patients get depends on the reaction of the patient's own body. If the patient is only at the stage of the operation, of course the same effect as the effect of other operations in which patients will first undergo a metabolic slowdown. For treatment with radiation and specific treatment, usually the patient's body weight to be increased or even down, stomach nausea, and hair loss. Your doctor will adjust the patient's body reaction and will discontinue treatment if indeed the patient's body rejected it.
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