Signs Of Eye Cancer

Signs Of Eye Cancer
We need to know a variety of early symptoms of eye cancer that may occur. By knowing these symptoms, we can do prevention early in order to eye cancer from spreading further. In addition, we can also do a variety of treatments that may cure the cancer. The early symptoms of eye cancer are as follows.

Pupil white
When a person experiences cancer experienced eye, the pupil in the eye will look white, especially when the person doing the shooting with the camera using a flashlight. This is because the network is located behind the eyes is very sensitive to light so that the pupils are white. These symptoms become one of the characteristics of their cancer disease of the eye.

Eyes squint
Signs Of Eye CancerSquint is a condition where the eye muscles that connect to the brain does not work properly so that there is a difference in the movement of the eyeball. Sometimes people underestimate this condition, but if it is not dealt with immediately will cause eye cancer

Pain in the eye
Pain in the eyes is often perceived is one of the early symptoms of eye cancer. If the pain lasts longer and creeping up into the head, it is a sign of a more danger.

Old red eye
Do not assume trivial eyes are often red. This condition can be a symptom of cancer of the eye. The eyes are often red and lasts a long time is one of the signs of eye cancer. You have to understand it.

Disruption of Sight
Vision will always be disturbed in people suffering from eye cancer. This condition will be felt when one is on the move. Make checks by a doctor if the condition occurs frequently. Because this is one of the early symptoms of eye cancer.

There are differences in the color of Iris in both eyes
Iris is one part of the pupils will produce a color when it sees something. This condition would be dangerous if the color is generated between the two eyes are different. This could be a symptom of cancer of the eye.

eye cancer is severe enough to interfere with vision and ultimately cause blindness in sufferers. This condition can be caused by several things. One cause is the presence of eye cancer. At this stage, you should be really careful because it is very dangerous.

There are black spots on the iris
To find this sign, you must first know the parts of the eye such as iris, pupil, and retina. In that section there are black spots to watch. If the black spots are located in parts of the iris and impair vision, it should be suspected in case it is an early symptom of cancer of the eye.

Frequently felt glare
Cancer causes one's eyes become sensitive to light. This resulted in the sensitive conditions of vision often feel dazzled when he saw the light. If you feel often dazzled when he saw the light, immediately consult your doctor. You should be someone who is smart for you in particular and also for your family.

The shape of the pupil or the tissue around the eyes becomes changed
Eye cancer will cause the pupil shape or tissue in the eye area be changed. Need to be aware that this is an early symptom of cancer of the eye. Make checks to see the shape of the pupil of the eye to treat the symptoms of eye cancer.

Swelling in one eye
If you suspect that the swelling in one eye is a strange thing, that it was not because of a boil or so, then immediately ask this to your doctor. You need to be alert, if eye cancer, there will be swelling in one eye. This condition can not be underestimated because it would be harmful to the health of the eyes and may cause eye cancer.

Lump in the eyelid and the eyeball looks more and bigger
Bumps on the eyelids also occurs because of the swelling. So will cause the eyes look even bigger. It is also one of the early symptoms of eye cancer that needs to be watched.
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