Liver Cancer In Infants And Childrens
Liver cancer became one of the most common causes of death. This disease usually affects children under the age of 3 years and adults. Even liver cancer can strike newborns. It is very harmful to the baby's growth process and could have its life will not last long.


Here is an examination of the causes of liver cancer, especially in infants and childrens :

1. The existence of liver disease

There are several types of liver disease that can cause liver cancer. Liver disease can also attack the newborn babies or children who are in a period of growth. Some of liver diseases that cause liver cancer in infants, such as cirrhosis of the liver disease, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Cirrhosis of the liver disease

Cirrhosis is a condition in which tissue in the soft organs that had become hard. Thus, cirrhosis of the liver is the hardening of the liver tissue caused by the formation of new tissue from the injured cells of the liver. When the disease began attacking the liver, the main function of the liver can not function effectively. However, cirrhosis of the liver did not always lead to liver cancer. If liver cirrhosis dealt with promptly, the disease will not cause liver cancer.
  • Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is caused due to infection with hepatitis B virus The virus can be transmitted through blood or saliva contaminated. If the virus continues to grow and develop, it will cause liver cancer. Parents must protect their children in order to avoid hepatitis B virus
  • Hepatitis C

Just as hepatitis B, a disease caused by the hepatitis C virus is transmitted through blood, saliva and other fluids in the body. However, the spread of hepatitis C virus is usually caused by contamination of a syringe. Instead, parents have become more cautious when doing checks on their children. Make sure that any equipment used for the inspection of completely sterile. Because it can only spread the virus that causes hepatitis became liver cancer.
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

This disease arises due to the accumulation of fat in the liver tissue. If the levels of accumulation of fat in the liver is increased, it will cause inflammation of the liver, and then will spread and cause liver cancer. Fatty liver disease is usually experienced by people who are obese or overweight.

2. Parents infants often consume cigarettes and alcohol to excess

It is very clear if beverages containing alcohol will harm the organs in the body and cause various diseases. This is because alcohol damage the cells that exist in the body tissue. Liver cancer in infants can be caused because the parents of these infants often consume alcohol.

3. Heredity

Heredity became one of the main causes of the disease, particularly cancer. Similarly with liver cancer can be due to heredity or genetic. If in a family there are family members who've suffered from liver cancer, it is possible that if offspring will suffer from the same disease. Immediately consult the baby or your children if in your family there is a history of liver cancer. This is done as early prevention of disease, particularly liver cancer.


London, the unfortunate fate befell baby Evan Wilson, when born, she finds Evan swollen belly and finally doctor doing the examination. When two hours later doctors diagnosed hepatoblastoma, a kind of liver cancer.

Evan was immediately underwent emergency surgery and started following chemotherapy treatment for 6 months, which first session begins when she was 12 days. Note the possibility of cancer has developed since that happened still in the womb.

Evan was born just like any other baby, he was left to the woman. But when will be handed the nurse looked at her belly swelled. Evan was immediately taken to a specialist for examination, two hours later she was diagnosed with cancer and became the youngest patients with liver cancer in the UK.

"I can only hold Evan few minutes before they pick it up again and all this starts, it is a terrible thing to be passed," said the mother, Lorraine (39 years), as quoted by the Dailymail, Tuesday (5/6/2012) ,

When Evan was aged 12 days, he began chemotherapy treatment which required medical expertise to calculate drug doses that are safe for children with a very young age.

Evan is now 6 months old and have been responding to the treatment well. Fast action performed by a nurse from Glasgow's Princess Royal Hospital saved the life of this baby.

Evan was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, which is one of the rare form of liver cancer, he was immediately transferred to Yorkhill Royal Hospital for Sick Children on the same day when he was born.

"If the cancer has spread, doctors said the chances of his life will be reduced massively. In addition to the tube that goes from the nose to the stomach, he looked like a baby that is healthy and normal," he said.

In addition to seven sessions of chemotherapy, Evan has undergone surgery to remove the gall bladder and half of his heart at Birmingham Children's Hospital in April. He is currently waiting for two weeks to see the results of the MRI scan.

"All the sonogram showed he was in remission and MRI scans showed that he has done very very well, because the prognosis is excellent," said Dr Jairam Sastry of Yorkhill Royal Hospital.
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