Cervical Cancer Stage 1

Cervical Cancer Stage 1
Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is a cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), which invades the woman's cervix. Every year there are women died of cervical cancer. This disease is a disease that women fear because this type of cancer occupies the top position as the cause of death in women.

Knowing the Stadium of cervical cancer is a very important thing, to let us see the stage of cervical cancer below:

Cervical cancer is the same as other types of cancer, this cancer also has stages. Differences stadium is basically divided in cancer development and spread of the cancer area. Women who frequently checks in with the Pap smear is usually tend to have greater treatment opportunities for the range of spread of cancer cells smaller.

Kanker serviks stadium 1Kanker serviks stadium 1B

Cervical cancer stage 1 is a stage in the cancer cells only at the organ part of the cervix. Cervical cancer 1dibagi to stage 1A (1A1 and 1A2) and 1B (1B1 and 1B2).

Here is an explanation of cervical cancer according to stages or stages.
  1. Stage 1A: Cancer is just beginning to grow. Cancer cells have a very small size and usually can only be seen through an examination of cells under a microscope.
  2. Stage 1A1: Cancer cells have grown to a size between 3-7 mm and spread to the tissue of the cervix.
  3. Stage 1A2: Cancer cells have reached a size of about 3 -5 mm and has appeared to organ tissue of the cervix.
  4. Stage 1B: Cancer cells with sizes larger than stage 1A, but did not spread to other tissues.
  5. Stage 1B1: The growth of cancer that has reached a size between 1-3 cm.
  6. Stage 1B2: cancer when it has reached a size of more than 4 cm.
Symptom of cervical cancer

Symptoms appear in cervical cancer usually mild, the same as the type of disease complaints on other female reproductive organs. However, there are some symptoms to watch out so that all women should go to the doctor for a check-up. Here are the symptoms of the emergence of cervical cancer:
  1. The emergence of bleeding such as menstrual cycle, but occur outside menstruasi.Terkadang bleeding which appears in the form of large clumps with red color.
  2. Bleeding that appears just before the cycle of menopause and after menopause. Women who get these symptoms more often negligent because it is just part of the process of menopause.
  3. Bleeding during sex-related. Severe bleeding can also occur after sexual intercourse.
  4. The emergence of whiteness for a long time and often cause unpleasant odors as well as the emergence of pain during sex.
How examination of cervical cancer

1. Pap Smear
Pap test method is to take a sample section of the cervix and examined using a microscope. If found abnormal cells cause cancer in large quantities it can do further tests to determine the problem with the cervix.

2. HPV testing
This test is done to find out all the HPV types that appear on the cervix. This test can detect the possibility of a woman at increased risk of uterine cancer. In addition the test can also be used to determine the health of the cervix.

All women who have ever been married or had sexual intercourse is recommended to perform pap smears. Distance pap smear tests for women who are married between the ages of 25-29 years for 3 years. While women who are aged over 35 years are advised to perform pap smears for 4 years.
Treatment of cervical cancer 
Here are some steps the usual treatment in treating cervical cancer 1, namely:

1. Stage 1A2
If patients want to have children in the future it could do trachelectomy (procedure to remove the lymph nodes in the pelvis). If people do not want to have children then can perform radical hysterectomy and removal of lymph nodes in the pelvis. In addition, patients also had to undergo the process of radiotherapy and brachytherapy or radiation.

2. Stage 1B2
Performed by administering cancer drugs or chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

Methods of treatment for cervical cancer stage 1 is usually done by looking at the condition of the spread of cancer cells. Initial biopsy is usually performed at the time of surgery to prevent cancer cells spread. Pemberikan drugs through chemotherapy and radiotherapy is usually done at the same time. This is to prevent all the cancer cells that could reappear.
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