Cervical Cancer Stage 2

Cervical Cancer Stage 2
Cervical cancer is a type of cancer that grows in the tissue around the cervix or in medical terms is called by the name of cervical increase. The cervix is a female reproductive organ located at the vagina and uterus.

Symptoms of Cervical Cancer Stage 2

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The cervical cancer desease have never asymptomatic, so people often do not realize if the cancer. The journey of cancer cells infected with the HPV virus began to cause cancer could take about three to 25 years. This causes some people to feel surprised that know the stage that has entered into an advanced stage.

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2-stage cervical cancer has reached a size of about 4 cm in cervical tissue and spread to the upper vaginal tissue. This stage is divided into two levels, namely stage 2A and 2B. Here is the division of cervical cancer stage 2 according to different network spread of cancer cells.

Stage 2A is a cancer that has spread around the outside of the cervix and upper vagina included. This stage is usually divided into two types. If the size of the cancer or the tumor has a size smaller than 4 cm, then entered the stage 2A1. And if the tumor is found to have more than 4 cm in size then included in the stage 2A2.

If during the inspection found the spread of cancer cells to the outside of the cervix and into the uterus tissue in this section has been included stage 2B.

2-stage cervical cancer may not show specific symptoms that easy in knowing the patient. However, some disorders below can be used to observe the emergence of cervical cancer cells.

How to Detect Cervical Cancer Stage 2

How detection of cervical cancer 2 likes same as generally various stages of cervical cancer. Women in general often experience various symptoms of the female organs such as vaginal discharge and itching. However, all these symptoms may not necessarily be expressed as cervical cancer. Methods for testing or early detection of cervical cancer can be done with a pap smear.

Pap Smear merupkan one way to take a sample of the fluid in the cervical region. A Pap smear test can be done at the maternity clinic or hospital. Doctors who deal with Pap smear is usually a gynecologist or obstetrics and gynecology. Pap smear test is done by inserting special equipment called a speculum. This equipment will make the vagina open so that the liquid sample in the cervix can be taken. This testing method did not cause pain.

To get the best results from a Pap smear test done in a different time. But it's better if you do this test 11 days after menstruation. Also usually hospital will notify the candidates of women undergoing Pap tests not to use chemicals that can get into the vagina like a feminine hygiene liquid or cream to the marital relationship.

Waiting for Test Results Pap Smear

There are several things you can do to not feel overly anxious when waiting for results of pap smear tests, which are feeling the spirit that a Pap smear test is not to frighten the patient if the test results were positive. Pap Smear is the wisest step that must be done by a woman who had sexual intercourse. Pap Smear be the most effective preventive measure, because cervical cancer cells completely asymptomatic in its early stages. So, if the doctors find abnormal cell growth that can immediately take medication.

Treatment of Cervical Cancer Stage 2

Do not worry because the second stage cervical cancer can still be treated by various methods. Currently the medical world has developed ways of cervical cancer treatment in order to increase the hope of a cure for sufferers. Here is a step-by-step method of treatment that can be done:

Surgery will usually advised by doctors to take the cancer cells and conducted in accordance with the location of the cancer cells grow in the cervix. There are two types of surgery depends on the policies of the patient. The following operating procedures in the medical world.

1. Radical hysterectomy.
This operation is performed to remove all lymph nodes that exist in the pelvis. This decision will be made by the doctor if the current operation is performed a biopsy and found the spread of cancer cells.

2. Radical trachelectomy 
This operation is performed for all patients with cervical cancer who still want to have children. This method of operation will be done by lifting some of the cervix but did not affect the reproductive process.

3. Radiation therapy
This method is done by using special equipment that will deploy an X-ray with a certain dose according to the patient stage. Giving a special light will make the cells in the cervix can die and reduce the risk of recurrence.

It is one of the treatment of cervical cancer are known as radiation. This method is done by planting radioactive cells into the cancer or the part closest to the cancer, but still consider safety to healthy cells in the surrounding tissue.

4. Chemotherapy
Methods of cancer treatment is done by giving drugs killer of cancer cells through the blood vessels. Chemotherapy be one effective treatment to prevent reappearance of cancer cell growth. Several types of drugs given to chemotherapy is cisplatin and fluorouracil.

This type of treatment is performed for the treatment of cervical cancer stage 2 is usually done in accordance with the condition of the patient. Some doctors usually advise surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation. While the order of the method of treatment will be done by a doctor to kill cancer cells in a way that is most effective.

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