Cervical Cancer Stage 3

Cervical Cancer Stage 3
3-stage cervical cancer is generally more common in women who have never done a Pap test. Cervical cancer has invaded several important reproductive organs and surrounding areas without causing symptoms are easy to recognize. Cervical cancer is divided into two categories, namely:
  1. Stage 3A. Cervical cancer 3A shows the distribution to the vaginal area at the bottom. Although it has spread to other tissues around the vagina but does not cause the spread in the pelvic area.
  2. Stage 3B. 3B-stage cervical cancer usually has spread to the urinary tract. The spread of cancer is also able to reach around the area of the lymph nodes in the area of reproductive organs nor Mr other organs. Meanwhile at this stage the cancer has reached the lymph nodes in the pelvic area. Examination of urine in patients with stage 3B cancer usually shows no indications of serious problems in the kidneys.

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Symptoms of Cervical Cancer Stage 3

Here are the symptoms of cervical cancer stage 3 :
  1. Bleeding after intercourse. Another bleeding that can happen is that the bleeding appeared outside the menstrual cycle or before and after the menopause.
  2. The emergence of whiteness in the long term and even cause the odor.
  3. Organ around the vagina will usually feel pain or discomfort during sex.
  4. Appears bleeding in the urine.
  5. Digestive problems arise related to difficulty defecating.
  6. Their desire to urinate constantly.
  7. Did not have an appetite, it is easier to feel tired, more and sad.
  8. Appears in pain at the back of the pelvis and uncomfortable for some sitting or standing position.
How to Detect Cervical Cancer Stage 3

Cervical cancer screening is done with a Pap smear method. Pap Smear is the earliest methods and is always recommended by doctors for people who have symptoms such as cervical cancer. Pap tests done to determine the growth of cells in the neck of the vagina by taking fluid samples examined under a microscope.

In stage 3 cervical cancer, the doctor will suggest to do some other checks. This is done to determine the area of ​​spread of the cancer so that it can be determined that the most appropriate type of treatment.

Stage 3 cervical cancer screening

1. Pap Smear
Pap tests only conducted to determine the type of abnormal cell growth that appears on the cervix. It is one of the actions of early examination and can not be used to measure the stage of the cancer.

2. Cervical biopsy
Biopsy or removal of tissue in the cervix is ​​required to determine the area of ​​cancer spread. Biopsies usually be done thoroughly to look at the conditions around the vagina, uterus, rectum and bladder.

3. CT Scan
This check is performed with advanced equipment to see the spread of cancer around the pelvis.

4. Pet-CT Scan
This check is performed to determine the spread of cancer and the size of the cancer that has spread to organs associated with the cervix.

5.The blood test
Blood tests are performed to determine the overall health condition. Some important indication of the condition of the liver and kidneys can also be measured by the results of blood tests.

6. X-Ray
X-Ray done to monitor the condition of the lungs and saw the possibility of the spread of cancer cells in these organs.

Various types of such checks only as a recommendation to see what kind of cancer spread. In addition the doctor will look at the results of tests to determine the most effective type of treatment that can help ease the pain for sufferers. However, not all types of tests should be followed by a third stage cervical cancer patients.
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