Cervical Cancer Stage 4

Cervical Cancer Stage 4
This is the highest level of category cervical cancer. The increase cervical cancer condition is already in the advanced stages. One cause of the highest mortality rates of cervical cancer patients is delayed cancer screening process. In some developed countries such as America, Britain and Europe, cervical cancer more quickly handled because it is usually found in a condition that is still early. While in developing countries, cervical cancer screening are much less understood by the public.

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Symptoms of Cervical Cancer Stage 4

Cervical cancer in stage 4 has spread to other organs in the body even beyond the cervix. Cancer that has spread to the bladder to the rectum into the stadium 4A. If the cancer has entered into other organs such as the lungs will enter the stage 4B. Symptoms of cervical cancer stage 4 is as follows:
  1. Severe bleeding when not menstruating and before or after entering the stage of menopause.
  2. There is pain that comes on the bones, muscles and pelvic bagin below.
  3. Appears excessive pain during bowel movements or urination, sometimes accompanied by bleeding.
  4. Impaired appetite, fatigue and body become weaker.
  5. Usually the patient will experience weight loss that occurs in very quick time.
  6. Sometimes if the cancer has spread to the muscles of the body, then the whole body will feel sick and uncomfortable.

Cervical Cancer Stage 4 Screening

In stage 4 cervical cancer is usually the result of the examination is not only done by Pap Smear tests just like the other cancer stages. If the test results indicate the number of HPV infection in a high rate then the doctor may recommend a biopsy, pelvic exam, blood tests and X-Ray. Different types of inspection is done determines the area of ​​cancer spread and the most appropriate treatment goals.

Complications On Cervical Cancer Stage 4

Treatment measures to be taken at the highest stage of cervical cancer is to look at the general condition of the patient, including the possibility of some kind of disease complications. Here are some types of complications are most often found in patients with stage 4 cervical cancer:

1. Kidney Failure

Renal failure due to the growth of cancer that has pressed the channel will cause the ureter and kidney can not work properly. Symptoms of kidney failure are patient will continue to feel tired, pain in the lower pelvis, there is bleeding in the urine and swelling of the feet or hands.

2. Blood clots

Blood clots are usually caused by the growth of cancer that has hit the blood vessels located in the pelvic area. As a result, the blood can not flow smoothly. These are symptoms of complications such as swelling in the legs, raised red spots on the skin, and the skin in the area of ​​blood clots will feel hotter.

3. Bleeding was superb

This condition can occur in patients with stage 4 cervical cancer and is caused by the emergence of cancer that has invaded the organs in the vagina, bladder and bowel. Bleeding that occurs in patients get through the vagina or rectum.

Treatment of Cervical Cancer Stage 4

Treatment will usually be done by looking at the ability of the patient. Some of the weak condition of the patient will usually do the palliative treatment. This happens because the condition of the patient is very weak and may not be robust to undergo surgical procedures, chemotherapy or radiation. But basically it is all dependent on the general health of the patient.

Methods of treatment for cervical cancer stage 4 will be done with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Both types of this therapy will provide maximum results if done at the same time. However, for patients with stage 4 cervical cancer increase usually does not have the ability to hold all the therapeutic effects.

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