Several factors can cause skin cancer are as follows:

1. Family history

When the father, mother, or sibling had a history of skin cancer, so you can also have a risk of the disease. While in the more distant relatives such as grandparents or cousins, and they are diagnosed with skin cancer, you also may be at risk of skin cancer, but the percentage is not as big as that occurs in biological family.

2. Often outdoors

If your skin type, including sensitive categories to UV radiation, the skin tends to be more flammable and blister when exposed to sunlight exposure. Especially if you spend a lot of time open spaces without such protective wear sunblock. This makes you at risk for skin cancer.

3. Melanin deficiency

Melanin is a pigment that is present in living beings. In humans, melanin has the role of providing color to eyes, hair, and skin, and is beneficial to protect the skin from UV exposure. Lack of melanin will cause the skin to become white and looked pale, which in turn will increase the risk of skin cancer.

4. The use of tanning beds

The term tanning bed is not popular in Indonesia, but very popular in western countries, especially the United States. Tanning bed is a tool that serves to help the skin to brown, and the process is much like someone who is sunbathing on the beach, under the hot sun.

However, these tools can increase a person's risk of developing melanoma, skin cancer is fairly deadly. People who frequently use tanning beds, 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who never used it.

Skin cancer is a type of cancer that is more common in people with white skin pigment. But this certainly does not rule out the possibility that skin cancer will not attack people with dark skin. This is because skin cancer is basically caused by dangerous UV rays that expose the skin.

White people tend to be more at risk because they have a protective pigments from UV rays much less than the blacks. With the onset of extreme weather and global warming phenomenon, it is very important for you to recognize the characteristics of skin cancer that can take steps to prevent in order to avoid this deadly disease, or even to early treatment.


Skin cancer is a malignant tumor which attacks or occur on the skin. Type of skin cancer is the most common or common is squamous cell carcinoma and squamous cell types Bassal.

Skin cancer can easily occur due to exposure to UV rays directly toward the surface of the skin. Some of the main factors that cause skin cancer as follows:

1. Rays X-ray and thermal radiation.
2. Exposure to sunlight.
3. chemicals, such as arsenic, petroleum, asphalt, and coal.

And some other substances, which can cause skin cancer. Therefore, to prevent skin cancer, we should avoid things that have been mentioned or described above.


Skin Cancer
Proper treatment, not only on the basis or based on the results of histologic examination in the diagnosis of skin cancer, but also must be based on the results of the anatomical position, the patient's age, gender, as well as the circumstances and the general health condition of the patient.

In treatment, anatomical position that must be considered is the easy part or relapse after undergoing treatment through surgery, selalin that there are also parts that can achieve results in line with expectations of a treatment plan, for example, part of the area around the eyes,

The area around the nose, around the ear area is an area that has a recurrence rate is high enough, so it must choose a method of treatment has a high success rate as well.

The state of the health condition of skin cancer patients should be considered, if impaired coagulation or blood clotting occurs, or when the anti-coagulant therapy process, it must do the treatments do not cause any bleeding.

For this treatment can use Ar-He knife therapy cryosurgery, radiopartikel therapies and immunotherapies. In addition, elderly patients and patients too fragile a skin cancer that occurs in women.

After treatment with a long-term way of radiotherapy, there are times when the pain can not be retained by the patient, then you can choose the type of treatment of Chinese and Western medical collaboration, the targeted therapy.

1. Ar-He knife therapy Cryosurgery

Ar-He knife is a kind of combination of ultra frozen technique and heat in the treatment of tumors. From the tip of the needle is removed quickly argon gas, so as to freeze the tumor lesions in just a matter of time per second, to a temperature of -120 ° C to -165 ° C, and are able to form into a ball of ice and tumor tissues contained in ice will be "hunger-cold".

In this case, the state of "hunger" is a blood shortage or ischemia, lack of oxygen is called hypoxia, it is also because in a state of very low temperatures -165°C, so as to render the tumor tissue coagulation nekrosiss.

When the needle tip with quick release helium gas, can raise the temperature to 20 ° C-40 ° C, so as to achieve results in destroying tumor tissue, with the ball breaking and melting of the ice hard.

2. Planting Therapy Radiopartikel

The type of cancer Bassal cella cell carcinoma and squamous carcinoma is a type of cancer that is highly sensitive to radiotherapy treatment.

Before determining the radiotherapy treatment, first consider the patient's age, gender of the patient, age suffered tumor, anatomical position, the success rate and recurrence rate, and the latter is a result of the treatment performed.

Particles I 125 is a type of energy from radionuclides, which can emit light with continuous within the very near future, so as to kill tissue tumor cells, and from the tumor effect of radiation, so as to achieve the same treatment to remove the tumor through operation.

3. Somatic Cells immunotherapies

Somatic cell therapy with immunotherapy is entering immune cells which have the activity against cancer cells that enter the body skin cancer patients. So it can kill tumor cells directly, or can stimulate anti-tumor response in the immune response to be increased. Somatic cell therapy immunotherapy is green tea,

This therapy has the benefit can clean cells remaining cancer cells in the blood or dormancy completely.

4. Treatment of Chinese and Western Medical Collaboration Using Targeted Therapy

With the advantages of Chinese medicine and western medical collaboration in the fight against cancer together, with the advantages of each. So that the treatment results of this collaboration is superior compared to the results of any single treatment. Possessed of treatment techniques in minimally invasive target stable, accurate,

Fierce in combat and kill tumor cells, can heal cancer patients for treatment with the maximum. Treatment of medical collaboration and western China, at the same time can adjust the balance and also help the body fight cancer, boost immunity, and health quality of the body was to be increased.

Experts from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou said: If you experience symptoms that have been mentioned at the top, then immediately came to the hospital for examination, appropriate treatment, and do not regret it later on.
A Health teacher and Midwife..

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