Food Triggers Cervical Cancer

Food Triggers Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer is a disease affecting the female reproductive organs. According to data from the WHO, every year women who die from cervical cancer recorded thousands. Cervical cancer is included into the type of cancer that ranks the top cause of death in women in the world.

Before we look at some foods that can lead to cervical cancer, it's good we first added to our knowledge of the causes of cervical kankaer, as follows:
  • HPV Virus Infection
  • The number of sexual partners
  • Smoke
  • Low immune system
  • Having sex early age
  • Pill
  • family history
  • Knowledge of cervical cancer
  • An early age to have children

And After knowing the various causes of cervical cancer, now is your time to keep your diet to avoid cancer of the cervix and of course always healthy.
Various Kinds of Food Triggers Cervical Cancer

According to some research found that there is a link between the consumption of foods that a person with cancer. Some of these foods directly or indirectly, has a trigger (trigger) the occurrence of cancer.

Here are the types of foods that can trigger cancer :

1. Fatty foods

Foods that contain a lot of fat, including one type of food that lead to cervical cancer. Women who frequently eat foods high in fat are at risk of cervical cancer in women is greater than that rarely eat foods that contain fat. This is because in fatty foods, the fat is able to produce a hormone called estrogen. When a woman is often fatty foods, the fat will produce the hormone estrogen later in the uterus of a woman who often receive hormone estrogen in excess amount then it will trigger the growth of cancer cells.
Food Triggers Cervical Cancer
The fat content in a particular type of food found in many types of fried foods such as fried foods, chips, and also various other types of fried. These kinds of fried foods would be very scary as a trigger for cervical cancer if digorengnya using waste cooking oil (used oil). By frequently eating fatty meal will also be able to make our bodies into fat which will cause us to be difficulties in sporting activities. This condition will also cause cancer cells to change the greater.

Therefore, we recommend that you include all of us should consume lots of fibrous foods, such as vegetables and fruits which are very useful to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer.

2. Food and Alcoholic Beverages

Food Triggers Cervical CancerConsuming foods and alcohol in excess is not very dianjurka. If you want a healthy body and awake from various diseases avoid these foods. Food and alcohol can lead to cervical cancer, this is because the alcohol content contained in a food or beverage makes cancer cells attach to the wall of the uterus that can lead to cervical cancer.

3. Foods with Mixed Materials Chemistry

Sepeeri paced era forward, it is very difficult to find food that is free from a mixture of chemicals. Food and miniman circulating and sold freely on the market today already contain at least at least one kind of chemicals such as preservatives, artificial coloring, and artificial sweeteners. You should avoid food with seasonings, instant foods, canned foods, and also meat ready for the kinds of foods can trigger cancer seviks increase.

Such foods contain various chemicals that can cause disease, including also can lead to cervical cancer. In order to avoid foods that contain a lot of chemicals, you should cook your own meals you want to eat. With the cooking itself, at least you know all the processes that occur and the ingredients used in these foods. By doing so, you can do the best for you and your family to avoid this cancer.

4. Food Treated with burnable or Roasted

Almost everyone likes food like this. But you know, it turned out the food was processed by burning or baking can lead to cervical cancer. This is because the charcoal used to burn or bake foodstuffs containing carbon. Carbon classified as carcinogenic or cancer-triggering substances.
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