Bones are not only vulnerable to the process of calcification or any loss, bone was at risk of experiencing bone cancer, especially if you are not able to maintain good bone health. Keeping with excellent bone health of the body by consuming foods that are good for the growth of the bone because bones are the framework which is important for body movement.

Cases of cancer that occurs in the bone is not as much the case of blood cancer or brain cancer, but still need to watch out, because if it has been entered in the advanced stage, the cancer in the bones can lead to paralysis sufferers. Wary and certainly far better to prevent than cure, right? This cancer is not very different character to other cancers, grow and develop in the bone, whether it's spine, leg or arm bone.

Bone cancer is cancer that occurs in the bone. This cancer can strike anyone, especially in children and teens. Bone cancer can occur in any bone in the body, bone cancer most often occurs in the spine, arms, and legs. Usually the bone cancer will experience bone pain, swelling and pain in the area affected by cancer, fracture, fatigue, and weight loss.

Here are some of the factors that may cause bone cancer: 
  1. Inheritance of genetic syndromes experienced by a family at risk can be hereditary inherited to children, including bone cancer.
  2. Ostitis deformans disease, known as Paget's disease of bone, which is a precancerous condition that can lead to bone becomes weak and at risk of bone cancer.
  3. Exposure to high radiation in large amounts when cancer treatment therapy may increase the risk of bone cancer in later life.
  4. Since it was born had been suffering from bulging or umbilical hernia. Characteristics are the intestine protrudes through an opening in the abdominal muscles so that udel or navel seen protruding out.
  5. Never has a history of retinoblastoma as a child. Retinoblastoma is a malignant tumor of primary diseases in children who grow up quickly and comes from retinal cells of the eye. This disease can lead to blindness and death. When dealt with quickly at an early stage, the probability of cancer cure rate can reach 95-98%, and patients can reach adulthood.

  • The reduced limb function

Cancer in the bones not only attacks the spine only, the foot bone cancer is one part of the growth and development of cancer cells in the bones of the foot. Cancerous cells in the bones of the foot when it attacks the nerves will possibly result in weakness in the limbs so that patients find it difficult to move his feet well normally.

  • Pain in the neck and back

Hand Cancer
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The first symptom that often occurs in patients positively diagnosed with bone cancer hands, cancers of the spine is pain or pain experienced around the neck and back.

You often experience stiffness or pain in the neck and back should be checked out, because it is possible if it is the early symptoms of cancer in the bones, especially if anyone in your family ever diagnosed with cancer as well.
  • Paralysis

The growth of cancer cells that have developed and spread, it will cause cancer in the bone had difficulty walking and moving, at worst total paralysis.

This paralysis can occur in a short period of time or longer, depending on the extent to which the spread of cancer cells in the bones, if spread of cells in the bone were very widespread it is most likely to experience higher total paralysis.

Health checks are done regularly will help a person to control his body with excellent health, is no exception to bone health. Do a thorough examination so that no bad possibilities and if any of your proven positive cancer in bone.

You can immediately take a stand to perform treatment as recommended by specialized physicians who manage patients with bone cancer. Discover the symptoms early so that cancer in the bone can be solved more quickly and does not cause total paralysis.

  • Reflexes patients decreases

The effect of bone cancer  into the body of the sufferer will show the result of a very vatal cancer will attack the spine, spinal cancer will make a reflex of patients experienced a decrease in addition to the cancer in the spine also causes patients to experience incontinence and it is possible if the patient will lose the system precisely control the digestive system, bladder and bowel. The spine is the coordination center in addition to the brain.


How bone cancer treatment can be done in various ways:

1. Bone cancer surgery

Surgery is done to remove all the cancer found in bone. This operation aims to remove the tumor in the bone area and take the healthy tissue surrounding it. If the bone cancer patients experienced big enough it will be removal of body parts or so-called amputation.

2. Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-powered energy beams such as X-ray radiation is aimed at killing cells cause bone cancer. Radiation therapy is conducted in conjunction with chemotherapy prior to surgery. This is done to reduce the risk of amputation during surgery. After surgery, radiation is still suggested to kill cancer cells that may remain.

3. Bone cancer chemotherapy

Getting treatment, namely chemotherapy drugs from chemicals that are inserted into the body to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy usually is often done through a vein (intravenously). Through the veins of these drugs will be spread throughout the body. Chemotherapy is usually interspersed with treatment through radiation.

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