Main Cause of Cervical Cancer

Main Cause of Cervical Cancer

There are external and internal factors of the body to cause cervical cancer. In addition, lifestyle, habits, until the marriage factor can be a factor that has an important role against cervical cancer.

Here are 9 main causes of cervical cancer, which can be seen below:

This is a cause of cervical cancer is most important is infection of the HPV virus. Has recorded more than 99% of cervical cancer cases occur after infection with the HPV virus / Human Papillomavirus. HPV is actually a collection of various virus and not a single virus type at least consisting of over 100 types of viruses. There are only a few that can cause cervical cancer are:
  • HPV 16
  • HPV 18
  • HPV 31
  • HPV 33
  • HPV 45
And the most common cervical cancer are HPV 16 and HPV 18. This was evident after he was found in 2/3 cases of cervical cancer are caused by this type of virus. Other types of HPV viruses may cause skin infections such as genital warts grow, but this is not harmful to humans.

Prevention :

HPV virus can spread through physical contact through touch skin to skin. One spread is through sexual intercourse. In addition to the HPV virus of course there are various factors that cause cervical cancer else decide, this factor will be discussed next. To prevent that you have to do is:
  • Faithful in pair
  • Not changing partners
  • Use protective equipment when dealing
  • Avoid the use of used syringes

2. The number of Sex Couples

It is the second cause of cervical cancer. Have multiple sex partners will be one of the main causes of cervical cancer, HPV infection will be higher. Loyal partner / spouse and get closer to religion will be of little help reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

  • Avoid mutually exchange partner
  • Use safety when dealing
  • Faithful in pair

3. Smoking Habit

Women smokers almost double the risk of cervical cancer are more susceptible than non-smokers. Need to underline, substances found in cigarettes is a major trigger of cancer, especially lung cancer.

 Research results have shown that tobacco substances present in the cervical mucus of women who smoke (active smokers). It is believed that this substance can help increase cellular DNA damage found in the woman's cervix and cause cancer.

Prevention :
  • Stop smoke
  • If you are hard to quit smoking, do a variety of activities to do (maybe these activities is an old hobby or your new hobby)

4. Low body Immune System

Main Cause of Cervical CancerWhen infected with the HPV virus, then the woman will not automatically develop cervical cancer if she has a strong immune system. Conversely, a weak immune system will ease the woman exposed to the HPV virus.

Prevention :
  • Exercise regularly
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables (lots of antioxidants and healthy)
  • Avoid foods made from chemicals
  • Increase your consumption of vitamin (from milk or natural foods)
  • Avoid wound infection

5. Early Childhood Sexual Intercourse

Rumours say that the cause of cervical cancer is married early age, this understanding may have to be specified into sexual intercourse early age. If sexual intercourse at an early age, in which the cells do not grow properly, then you have to 2x greater risk of developing cervical cancer.

  • Take care of yourself / child / relative of promiscuity
  • Give sex education at an early age your child

6. Use of Contraceptive Pills

Long-term use of this pill will have an impact on health. Many studies have shown that consumption of contraceptive pills more than five years can lead to a high risk of developing cervical cancer. From the research conducted, the risk will go down naturally after consumption of contraceptive pill is stopped.

To reduce the risk of this, make sure that you consult with your obstetrician in order to explain the pill is not harmful to your uterus. You should look for a better alternative than the use of contraceptive pills to avoid long-term cervical cancer.


Use of other contraceptive methods such as the injection of one or three months. You can also use other methods, then consult your doctor of your choice.

7. When Children Have Children First

Unique research on the effect of the number of children and the first time you have a child are two factors that affect the risk of cervical cancer. Other studies have shown that women with children have a higher risk of developing cervical. Women who have seven or more children have a higher risk factor for cervical cancer in comparison with the number of under 7.

8. Family History

Family history determines the high potential for cervical cancer, mother and sister are included in this category. Risk will increase 2x fold in comparison to those without a family history. This is because there is usually a family history of the same immune system, endurance and infected with the same factor.

Main Cause of Cervical Cancer
Main Cause of Cervical Cancer
Although many types of cancer that are not directly correlated with cancer, but there are some that are very related. It is affecting the body's immune system and cells carried by the hereditary factors.

Prevention :
  • Perform routine test (pap smears)
  • Make a healthy lifestyle and a healthy family
9. Poverty & Cervical Cancer Awareness

Research conducted in the UK found 1% of cases of cervical cancer are caused by the inability to perform a pap smear test, which led to slow addressed so had a serious impact. Besides knowledge about the procedure for cervical cancer prevention and early detection of the intricacies be the cause of many deaths as a result of its own became known only after reaching an advanced stage.
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