Signs of Breast Cancer Detailed

Signs of Breast Cancer Detailed
Lumps around the breast, can be small, medium, or large, may be disturbing or not a characteristic of most primary breast cancer.

Here is the explanation detih more details about the characteristics of breast cancer:

1. Lump / thickening Around Breast

Lumps around the breast is one of the earliest signs that must be considered. Although not 100% lump indicates breast cancer, but at least have to watch out, you should immediately consult the doctor concerned. To tell which lumps are caused by breast cancer and which will not, here are some of its characteristics.

Bumps Its Possible Signs Cancer

Lump feels hard
  • These lumps are not discrete; indistinguishable
  • Fixed lump in the breast; not moving
  • There is only one bump
  • No lumps in the breast adjacent same
  • Breast skin dimpled
  • Bumps along with discharge
  • The Possibility of Being Small lumps Cancer

Soft lumps
  • Discrete lumps; easily distinguished
  • Lumps in the breast moves
  • There are some breast lumps
  • There was a lump in the breast next to it.
  • Lumps disappear after the menstrual cycle
  • Besides a lump, thickening of the breast under the armpits you must also be alert and immediately related consulting a doctor if you feel this way.

2. Changes Breast Size and Shape

Need to watch out when there are oddities in one breast form because it is the second most common signs often occur in breast cancer. Not only the shape, breast size is also a common sign.

3. There Wrinkles Around Breast

Wrinkles in the breast usually experienced by older people. However, the wrinkles in the breast is a sign that you may be being affected by breast cancer. Normal breast skin does not have wrinkles, tend to be smooth and flat surface (except in the nipple area). Wrinkles are a sign of breast cancer can be felt by hand, namely the rough surface and specific in certain areas of the breast skin. In addition, the wrinkles will usually colored a little black and not too large in scope.

4. Discharge of liquids Of Breast Nipple In Unexpectedly

When no apparent reason (not breastfeeding) sudden discharge from the nipple, this is a condition that must be wary because one of the symptoms of breast cancer is the discharge in the nipple suddenly.

Typically, the liquid that comes out of the nipple can be colored white and clear, rather thick or thin. If the nipple discharge liquid brown or even blood red, it indicates that you have breast cancer are in the chronic phase.

5. Pain is Never Lost in Part Specific Breast

When menstruating or while pregnant, the breasts may experience pain. The pain may be lost along with the completion of a cycle that you are going through. If breast pain is not lost in a long time, try to go again if part of the pain is in the same position or not? if on the same section, the greater the likelihood that it is a symptom of breast cancer should be aware of.

6. Breast Redness and Swelling

If you experience a drastic change of color of the skin around the breast such as red, swollen, or look dark on one side and a certain part, then you should start to consult a specialist doctor concerned. Observe the skin around the breast and see if there is a strange color on the top, bottom, or side. Red sign will usually give a sense of warmth when touched. As people at the time of fever, but only in that area alone.

7. Itchy, Scaly Pain, and Rash On the Breast Nipple

unexpected onset of itching around the breast area is also indicative of breast cancer. This itching can occur on a small scale and not too menggangg and until quite disturbing. In essence, if the breast skin or other skin from your body besisik, to watch. For normal, human skin is not flaky. Moreover, in case of rash Special occur around the nipple, you should consult a doctor in this regard.

Symptoms of Advanced Breast Cancer

Here are the signs and effects of breast cancer who present late or when the cancer has spread and affect other parts of our body.
  • Bone pain
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Jaundice
  • A buildup of fluid around the lungs (pleural effusion)
  • Hard to breathe
  • Severe headache and was not feeling better
  • Cough
  • Double vision
  • Muscle weakness

After knowing the characteristic features of breast cancer, there is a good idea to consult a doctor concerned to find a solution on the sign that you experienced.

There are several breast cancer diagnosis can be done by the medical :

1. Mammograms

Image 1 : Mammograms 
It is the most powerful way to detect breast cancer, mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast to determine the network that is therein.

2. Biopsy

Image 2 : Biopsy
Biopsy tests are used to people suspected of suffering from breast cancer, this test is done to follow up the results of the screening and symptoms they feel to find out if there is breast cancer or not and to follow it up.
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