Skin is the outermost part of the body in warding off all kinds of substances or hazardous materials that can cause the disease. And one advantage of the efforts of these women to maintain the health of the skin, in order to avoid major problems, such as skin cancer.

skin cancer is classified as a disease that is very dangerous. If not handled properly, then the bet is that the pain is very painful and can also cause the sufferer to be dead.


Broadly speaking, the causes of cancer cells in the skin is of negligence committed by humans. Negligence in question is not joy, using sun block, whereas the use of sun block before conducting activities outside the home. Because when conducting activities outside the home, UV A and UV B could touch the skin directly.

And if your skin is too often exposed to two types of ultraviolet light, in addition to burn the skin, it can also lead to the emergence of cancer cells in the skin. If it is ignored, and the emerging characteristics of skin cancer then it should immediately contact the nearest hospital for treatment early.


The characteristics of the skin that have been affected by the cancer cells there was no difference with other skin diseases, so as to detect early on will be quite difficult. In general characteristics encountered is the skin will become dry and there are red patches of skin diarea. And after these common traits will usually develop symptoms of skin cancer.

The first symptoms are traced to the first feature that the skin becomes dry, symptoms are usually skin will peel it by itself. And refers to the characteristic symptoms of the second are red spots on the skin area, is going to appear symptoms of numbness.

Any symptoms that appear each person will be different, but in general both symptoms who became symptom frequently encountered in skin cancer. After knowing sense until symptoms from the cancer this one, should be to better maintain the health of the skin to avoid the various problems of skin diseases.


There are four types of skin cancer. The following explanation of the four types of cancer:

1. Actinic Keratosis

This type is considered the early stages of skin cancer. Types of skin cancer actinic keratosis shaped red scaly spots. Skin cancer actinic keratosis commonly found on the skin around the ears, arms, hands, face and areas frequently sunshine.

2. Basal Cell Carcinoma

It is a type of skin cancer is the most common. The size is small, there is a fleshy bump, nodule or red patches mostly appear on the head, neck and hands. This cancer does not grow quickly, and rarely spreads to other body parts, but can be locally destructive.

3. Malignant Melanoma

Cancer attacks the skin cells that produce melanin. So if the attack cancer cells can cause discoloration of the skin.

4. Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This type of cancer is usually located on the edge of the ears, face, hands, arms, lips and mouth. It comes in the form of lumps or red skin, scaly and spread across the surface of the skin.

Especially for the type of malignant melanoma are discussed in detail below :


Melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in the melanocytes, the cells of the skin pigment melanin that serves as producer. Melanin is what absorbs ultraviolet light and protects the skin from damage. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that is rare and extremely dangerous. This condition starts from human skin and can spread to other organs in the body. The emergence of new moles or changes in existing moles are usually a sign of a general or symptoms of melanoma. This can occur throughout the body, but some parts of the body that has often arising is:
  • Face
  • Hand
  • Back
  • leg

Melanomas have irregular shapes and more than one color. Moles that attacked melanoma may itch and can bleed, besides, its size can exceed normal moles. To distinguish between normal moles and melanoma, register ABCDE has been developed for people.


Melanoma occurs when the skin pigment cells develop abnormally. Up to now, is not known why this happens. Most people assume the causes of melanoma skin due to too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) natural or artificial. But apparently not everyone who frequently exposed to UV becoming melanoma patients. Researchers are still working to find out the cause. Several factors are known to increase the likelihood of contracting melanoma is to have many moles or spots on the skin, pale and flammability, have a family member suffering from melanoma, as well as the red-haired or blond.


Doctors can diagnose melanoma after physical examinations. Your doctor will refer you to see a skin specialist (dermatologist) or a plastic surgeon if they think you are suffering from melanoma. So if you notice any change in the shape of a mole, see your doctor.

In most cases, the network deemed suspicious moles be removed with surgery and learned what had become cancerous. This process is known as a biopsy. To examine whether the melanoma has spread to other body parts, sentinel node biopsy procedure can also be performed.


One of the main procedures melanoma treatment is surgery, although any type of treatment used depends on your condition. Operations can be successful if melanoma is diagnosed at an early stage. But, in order to prevent melanoma reappear, you should undergo further treatment. If melanoma is not diagnosed until the most severe stage, treatment is done can only slow the spread of cancer and relieve symptoms. At this stage, it usually takes drugs, such as chemotherapy.


You can reduce the risk of melanoma by avoiding exposed skin to avoid direct exposure to ultraviolet light, both natural and artificial, although the emergence of melanoma is not always preventable. One of the prevention of melanoma is easy to do is use sunscreen and wear clothing that is complete to protect the skin from damaging sun exposure.

To increase the success of treatment and in order to get a diagnosis early on, you are advised to check moles and freckles on a regular basis.
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