Ways of Preventing Lung Cancer Early.

Ways of Preventing Lung Cancer Early.
Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer
Of some types of cancer that exist, lung cancer is one type of cancer that can be cured with several methods of treatment of both medical and natural. Although lung cancer can be cured, certainly none who want to suffer this disease. When you hear the word "cancer" Sure everyone was scared and worried.

It is very reasonable, because cancer is a deadly disease, where the cancer death rate is very high and continues to grow every year. Therefore, the wisest step to avoid the deadly disease is with the efforts and ways of preventing lung cancer early.

In recent years it was reported that, the office workers sitting in the office there is also a possibility can be affected by lung cancer, this is remarkable impress people, even some reality.

Think about it, office workers who sit long in the office if conditions of ventilation and air exchange is not good, some respiratory diseases are also common. But if you are not concerned with this case, as time goes by there is likely to suffer from lung cancer. Coupled with air pollution from the outside, such as motor vehicle exhaust, harmful air pollutants, can cause lung cancer. Although everyone exposed to the same external environmental pollution, but because of the white-collar workers were in the room for a long time more than usual, so that the lungs are often in a weakened state, and over time will also have an impact.

Exercise can improve the respiratory function of the lungs, respiratory system strong, and also allow fresh air to enter the lungs and its happening faster air exchange. Office, because it is a limited space and air exchange is slow, If we do not exercise, improved lung function, in the long term oxygen status is weak, the first lung function decreases, it is difficult to breathe fresh air, causing dizziness, shortness breath. And for those who frequently exercise, lung function would be strong, and rarely suffer from lung cancer.

Office workers should pay attention to proper diet, a high fat, high calorie diet is often a shortage of the trace element selenium or vitamin A to prevent its happening lung cancer, therefore, eat foods that are rich in selenium, and also know trik- tricks to prevent lung cancer.

In addition, many office lady to go home and back role as a housewife, in a small kitchen too, there is too much smoke that can harm the lungs, although her real patients who inhale the smoke can suffer from lung cancer, but resparasi lung primary, if there is damage to the lungs, should pay attention to life, and also take preventive measures are important.

The initial step that you can do to prevent lung cancer is to study the characteristics of lung cancer, ranging from the understanding of lung cancer, characteristics and symptoms of lung cancer, and that is no less important is knowing the triggers and causes of cancer lungs. By knowing the things that are associated with lung cancer, you will more easily take steps to prevent the proper and effective. So, what are ways to prevent lung cancer from an early age that you have to do? Check out the full review below.


1. Stop smoking and do not be a passive smoker

The habit of smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer most often occurs. Nearly 80% of cases of lung cancer occur because of smoking in a long time. Not only active smokers who may experience lung cancer, but also can occur in nonsmokers who inhale cigarette smoke only accidentally mark. Therefore, how to prevent lung cancer is the most effective way is to stop smoking for active smokers. As for passive smokers, it is advisable to avoid smoke-filled environment. Besides being able to prevent lung cancer, quitting smoking is also beneficial for health in general, including avoiding heart disease.

2. Avoid interaction with cancer-causing chemicals

For people who work in an environment associated with chemical substances, the level of risk of lung cancer and several other types of cancer will be very high. Exposure in the workplace is filled with chemicals is one of the factors and causes of lung cancer that you need to avoid. If it is forced to work in an environment associated with hazardous chemicals, try to always use safety fittings in accordance with operational standards to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Use of safety equipment in accordance with the environmental conditions where you work is a way to prevent lung cancer is effective.

3. Use a mask to prevent the pollution of air into the lungs

For people who live in urban areas where air pollution levels are high enough, it is advisable to always wear masks to avoid breathing air that has been contaminated with toxic substances that can cause lung cancer. Air pollution occurs due to fumes and smoke from industrial plants can damage the lungs if inhaled directly and continuously. Therefore, how to prevent lung cancer is effective for those of you who live in areas with high air pollution levels is to use a mask that can filter the air you breathe.

4. Avoid activities in an environment of high radiation levels

High levels of radiation can trigger the growth of abnormal cells in the lungs, which will become cancer cells. One that you need to avoid radiation is radon gas which is a type of radioactive and can damage organs including the lungs. Radon gas derived from rock and soil in very small quantities. The radon gas can move through the soil. This gas will go into homes through foundation cracks, pipes, drains or other open pit. This gas can be tested by means of a simple test, because radon is invisible and odorless. How to prevent lung cancer can be done by measuring the radiation levels of radon gas in your home, and if it turns out the radiation levels of radon gas above normal, then you need to renovate their houses (to change the shape and layout) which can reduce the radiation rate of gas the radon.

5. Selection of healthy diet

How to prevent lung cancer is next is to maintain the health condition of our body. Adequate intake of nutrients and vitamins to the body by consuming a healthy diet and nutritious can help keep the immune system you remain vibrant. Get used to eating foods low in fat and high in fiber. Fruits and vegetables should be the main menu daily. Avoid taking too many vitamins in pill or tablet form because such drugs can have side effects.

6. Exercise regularly

Sport is the most powerful way to maintain a healthy body and avoid various kinds of diseases. Exercising regularly is also a way to prevent lung cancer is recommended, especially for those of you who are elderly who are vulnerable to this disease. Do physical exercise routinely and regularly at least 2-3 hours a week. You do not have to do heavy exercise, but enough with some light physical movement, but it can move all parts of your body.

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