Simple Things Reduce Cancer And Heart Disease Risk

Simple Things Reduce Cancer And Heart Disease Risk
Simple Things Reduce Cancer And Heart Disease Risk
Simple Things Reduce Cancer And Heart Disease Risk
There are little things you can do throughout the day that can reduce your risks of cancer, heart disease and improve your quality of life overall. Best of all, they are all easy to do! Most of these small life tweaks don’t take much time but can add years onto your life. Try these 10 instant health fixes today to boost productivity, focus, and your health.

1. Get Out.
It’s been reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine that 400 IU of vitamin D a day can reduce your risk of an early death by 7%. Vitamin D regulates blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves cardiovascular strength by providing a protective lining for the blood vessels. The benefits of vitamin D can be obtained by increasing exposure to sunlight for 15 minutes a day and including vitamin D rich foods into your diet like fish, cod liver oil, milk, and eggs.

2. Be kind, breath easy.
Your body is designed to release 70% of it's toxins through deep breathing. It also strengthens your immune system and leads to a more efficient set of lungs. Calm your road rage and give someone the benefit of the doubt, your body will thank you for it.

3. Use a Desk.
Yes, you can work from anywhere with a laptop, and they’re extremely convenient when travelling, However, when you can use a desk instead, do so.  While at it  try to keep your computer a foot and a half away from your face to help prevent eye strain and neck strain, which can seriously dampen your focus, productivity and creativity.

4. Eat A Banana.
Bananas are packed with potassium, one of the most important electrolytes that helps regulate heart function and fluid balance. So bananas help hydrate you and perk you up for the day, without the crazy amounts of sugar found in “electrolyte” drinks likeGatorade or Power Water.

5. Stretch as soon as you wake up.
Stretching improves posture, promotes blood flow and relieves body tension, according to the Mayo Clinic. Plus, it feels even better than staying in bed - now that’s motivation.

6.Please Don’t Stop the Music.
Music is the fastest way to change your attitude and lower your blood pressure, says one study from the University of Medical Science at Tsukuba, Japan. There’s even evidence that workers who are able to pick their own music are more productive and focused than workers who leave their headphones off. Music without lyrics tends to work the best.

7. Drink Caffeine (but Less is More).
You might be surprised to learn that portion-controlling your coffee can do wonders for your energy level, focus and mood. Next time you need a coffee fix, ask for a “short.” Drinking small amounts of caffeinated beverages (small being about 8 ounces) is actually more effective than drinking a giant cup of coffee. Better yet, reach for green or black tea - teas have extra health benefits.

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