The Number One Vitamin for Combating Cancer

The Number One Vitamin for Combating Cancer

In today's medical community, it is taught that you need chemicals to overcome cancer. However, naturopathic oncologist are proving this wrong each and every day. The treatments being used in alternative cancer centers utilize vitamins and minerals to defeat cancerous cells.

There's plenty of evidence gathered from studies showing the benefits of vitamin C in cancer patients. These results are typically seen when taken in high doses intravenously. Doing so can also exhibit other benefits for your cardiovascular system and heart.

Cancer Dies when Vitamin C is Consumed

It's really surprising to learn that a common vitamin like this can have such a great effect against cancer. However, it takes more than a cup of orange juice to successfully defeat cancer. You have to take high concentrations of it using an IV. Some good results have been seen using oral liposomal vitamin C, which is cheaper and more convenient.

However, when you allow vitamin C to bypass your digestive tract, your body is able to absorb 500 times the amount (compared to oral). This is why IV vitamin therapy is exceptional and frequently used by naturopathic oncologists in alternative cancer treatment centers.

How it Works

This vitamin works better than others because it can selectively target the cells that are cancerous. The hydrogen peroxide it generates is what causes the cancer cells to perish. Studies also reveal that tumor cells aren't able to remove the damage the hydrogen peroxide causes. So once they become damaged, they die.

High doses of vitamin C can be used without harming the normal cells, which can't be said for chemotherapy and other toxic conventional cancer treatments. Normal cells are able to use various methods to remove the hydrogen peroxide, preventing toxic buildups.

It Also Reduces Inflammation

As we continue to learn more in the field of naturopathic oncology, we see that inflammation is one of the root problems of all illnesses. So if you're able to reduce this, you can also reduce the disease. In one study, it showed that this vitamin is able to minimize chronic inflammation found inside of cancer patients. It also shows to prevent metastasis in 75 percent of patients.

Whether you're looking to fight cancer or prevent it, using natural methods is key. You can learn more about how to improve your health using diet and nutrition when you consult with a naturopathic oncologist. Schedule an appointment today to see what you can do to improve your lifestyle and live cancer free! medical health center is based out of Phoenix AZ and offers wide range of holistic integrative medical care to people of all ages. Our expert physicians are well respected within our industry to guide patients toward optimal health using the best of both naturopathic and conventional medicine solutions. Longevity medical is a leading prostate cancer facility in the USA.

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