The cause behind muscle pain and soar and its treatment

The cause behind muscle pain and soar and its treatment
The cause behind muscle pain and soar and its treatment

Fine body, perfect curves, heavy muscles, lean fat, handsomepersonality is the criteria’s of smarty and attractive person. No fat, moremuscle is a new trend that is followed by many youths as well as middle agedpeople to look younger, smarter and fit. The solution to build up good muscleslies in the gym, exercises, workouts, vigorous cardiovascular exercises,strenuous run outs and sweat-promoting exercises.

We all admire muscular body, but we don't know the invisibleand unspoken language of pain behind good muscles.

After work out, the muscles become sore and stiff thusresults in muscular pains. It doesn't happen immediately, it takes almost 3days or 72 hours to feel unbearable pain. The cause is immediate, effect is after3 days.

Delayed onset muscle soreness i.e. DOMS is a kind of musclepain that is basically associated with muscular pain. Let's try to understandwhat makes muscle pain and muscle soar. First or primary damage related to DOMShappens at the training part when we workout with heavy loads. Muscle damagehappens when muscle and connective tissue around the muscles remains in stressfor a longer period of time. Inflammatory damage or secondary damage is aresponse to inflammation, repair in the body. The inflammation takes place directlyafter a workout and is the start of the repairment of damage done to connectivetissue and muscles.

Two types of training Eccentric and Concentric involves themuscle buildup and are rated to muscle soreness and pain. When the muscles getshortened due to tension, its Concentric whereas muscle produces tension whengetting lengthened it's called Eccentric training. Most of the athletes prefereccentric training as it has more muscle development with low energy demandsand more muscle damage. Sprinting, downhill walking, jumping are some of theeccentric training that involves more DOMS.

The cause behind muscle pain and soar:

Inflammatory reaction takes after injury. It takes 1 to 5days and increases with time. We often get surprised why pain and muscle soarhappens after a few days of injury?

It's because of the inflammation response and reaction thatcauses more leakage of fluid in the tissue and Inflammatory markers like bradykinin and Prostaglandins. These factors create morepressure in tissues those results in pain sensors to elevate more pain.

How treatment takes place:

Treatment of muscle pain and soreness starts with localinflammation in the body. Its a complex biological process that comprises threegoals:

  1. Elimination of source of damage.
  2. Cleaning up of damage.
  3. Initiation of tissue repair.

The inflammatory response is the way to repair muscle pains,but it can cause more muscle damage because inflammatory markers Bradykinin andProstaglandins can be quite aggressive.

Anti inflammatory drugs NSAID lowers the inflammatoryresponse with drugs and thus decreases the damage that takes place in thetissues.

There are various other methods of treatments for musclepain and soreness like ice baths, sleep, breathing exercises, compressiongarments and heart rate variability (HRV).
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