What is the Role of Brachytherapy in Cancer?

What is the Role of Brachytherapy in Cancer?


Brachytherapy in Cancer includes placing a radiation source internally either into or immediately next to the tumor. The short distance between the radiation source and the cancerous tumor enables the brachytherapy to offer highly precise, safe and effective radiotherapy. Modern brachytherapy for cancer uses a combination of the state of the art imaging; computer based planning and treatment delivery technologies for delivering the optimal radiotherapy.

Role of Brachytherapy in Cancer

Brachytherapy in Cancer treatment has demonstrated excellentpatient outcomes. It provides an effective choice in treating cancers atdifferent body sites. This is most commonly used to treat the prostate,cervical, skin and breast cancers. It allows the optimal dose and distributionof radiation for calculation for each individual patient.

The radiation dose can be directly delivered to the tumor site precisely, safely and efficiently to provide cancer cure rates comparable to surgery. The precision of Brachytherapy in Cancer minimizes the exposure of surrounding healthy tissues from the unnecessary radiation. Brachytherapy in Cancer enables higher radiation doses to be safely given for a shorter period of time. It is more time efficient and patient friendly hence allow the patients to get back to their everyday activities faster.

Advantages of Brachytherapy in Cancer

  • The precise targeting of the radiation spares the healthy tissue
  • This procedure can be usually completed in one to three hours on an outpatient basis
  • Patients can return to their normal activities within one to two days with minimal restrictions
  • It greatly shortens the duration of treatment
  • A substantially low incidence than external beam irradiation or surgery of both impotence and incontinence and little to no impact on the quality of life of the patient

COST of Brachytherapy in India

The cost of brachytherapy in India is low due the favourable exchange rate and affordable cost of healthcare services in India. Often the cost of medical treatments in India is very much reasonable compared to that offered in the West.

Why Choose India for Brachytherapy in Cancer?

Choosing India for Brachytherapy in Cancer will provide the following benefits:

  1. Extensive investments ensure that all medical centers are equipped with modern facilities; international accredited hospitals of India are capable to handle the latest procedures and techniques.
  2. Our international accredited hospitals follow the patient centered approach with well equipped facilities, provide personalized and caring services at par with the best hospitals across the globe, and have English speaking staff.
  3. The state of the art facilities focus on matters which are more efficient, more effective and provide pleasant solutions for our patients.
  4. All medical centers in India have modern facilities and are able to provide shorter waiting time.
  5. The cost of Brachytherapy in Cancer for the international patients seeking their treatment in India is quite affordable

Get Brachytherapy in Cancer withIndian Medguru Consultants

Brachytherapy in Cancer is a complex procedure in which a radioactive material is placed near or inside the tumor. This surgery needs extremely hi-tech equipment that is available with the hospitals in India. Plan the Brachytherapy in Cancer with Indian Medguru Consultants, a leading medical travel partner which bridges the gap between the foreign patients searching the best Brachytherapy centers across India.

Our group follows ethics and maintain transparency in working.  We provide prominent care by providing visa, meals, accommodation, appointment with doctors, etc. Our surgeons are up to date regarding the treatment. We help you plan the step by stem procedure for your travel to India to ensure eliminating confusion. We offer special packages that suit your budget and also ensure to provide highest quality treatment. We will provide assistance with the foreign currency exchange, flight ticket bookings, vacation tours, language translator and stay arrangements. Further, the prices of brachytherapy in India are affordable and reasonable even after considering food and shopping. We offer comfortable and affordable hotel bookings for our international patients travelling to India for brachytherapy in cancer.

All you have to do is send us your inquiry to Indian Medguru Consultants by filling up our free consultation form and our executive will get back to your with necessary details about the Brachytherapy in Cancer at affordable cost.

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