Green Smoothie Benefits and Reasons to Drink for Good Healthy

Green Smoothie Benefits and Reasons to Drink for Good Healthy smoothies have become so popular lately. After making them for nearly a decade, I can certainly vouch for the reasons behind their popularity. While it hasn't always been easy to get my kids to eat other healthy meals, the same can't be said for green smoothies. Besides tasting amazing, they come with the added bonus of packing some equally amazing health benefits. Taking the time to make green smoothies part of your lifestyle is a brilliant investment of your time. Here's just a few reasons why:

Reasons to Drink Healthy Green Smoothies
  1. Fast and simple: Blending simple fruits and green vegetables into a smoothie is quick and super-easy. Drink it at home or on-the-go, it's fast food at it's finest.
  2. Get your daily dose: Many people struggle to get the daily recommendations of fruit and vegetables into their diets. It's even more difficult to get some children to eat enough fruit and veg. By blending a couple servings of fruit and veg each day you'll easily meet your requirements.
  3. You'll kids will drink their greens: Instead of going to war with your kids over eating their spinach, put a handful of the green stuff in their fruit smoothies and watch that liquid gold go down smoother than a chocolate milkshake.
  4. Better digestion: There's nothing worse than experiencing indigestion or constipation. Over 70% of all disease begins in the digestion system so give it what it loves - healthy and easily digestible food. The better your digestion works, the better you will feel and live.
  5. Much easier to lose weight: Forget all those 'celebrity' shakes and other meal replacement solutions. Fill your body with nutrient-dense real food because that's exactly want it needs. I guarantee you that once you quit dieting for good and focus on real food, you're weights issue will disappear for good.
  6. Natural Beauty: All those vitamins and mineral being poured into your body will give you gorgeous, radiant skin, hair and nails. See eczema and rosacea radically improve... think skin brighter than fairy lights at the beach!
  7. Brain Power: The more green smoothies you add to your diet, the more vital nutrients you'll be absorbing in order to protect your brain health. You can kiss goodbye to brain fog and say hello to improved focus, memory function and clarity.
  8. Better Sleep: So many people complain of insomnia but by adding a daily green smoothie to you life, you can almost guarantee yourself a more rested night's sleep.
  9. Taste: The good stuff doesn't have to taste gross. Healthy food tastes delicious once you learn to make the perfect smoothie.
  10. Detox: Blending dark greens with sweet fruit is a powerful way to detox. Give your digestion a well- earned rest, by adding kale, spinach and other super greens to your diet.
  11. Stronger Immune System: Getting sick when you have responsibilities such as, a career and or a family to take care of is a major inconvenience. Adding more green smoothies to your family's diet will have really positive impact on their immune system (as well as your own).
  12. Banish Sugar Cravings: The combination of sweet fruit and the minerals contained in green vegetables is perfect for reducing unhealthy cravings. How great will it feel when you finally stop being a slave to processed sugar and fat?
  13. Increased Energy: Replacing some of your unhealthy habits with a daily green smoothie will dramatically improve your energy.
  14. Variety: The amount of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and super-foods available to make delicious green smoothies is almost unlimited.
  15. The Happiness Factor: Green smoothies equals happiness. You'll all the benefits of mood-food - calmness and happy hormone health awaits you.So there you have it - 15 super-important reasons to make green smoothies a normal part of your lifestyle.
1. Green smoothies are easy to digest. 
Because they’re already blended and liquefied, smoothies are quicker to digest. After all, your body no longer needs to work so hard to “break down” the food in order to extract the nutrients. People who suffer from indigestion after eating a heavy meal will also benefit, as smoothies are filling but light.
2. Green smoothies will keep you hydrated. 
Although one should drink at least eight glasses of water a day, experts believe most people don’t drink even half that amount. One of the reasons for that is that many people simply don’t like the taste of plain water. If that describes you, simply add more water to the mix as you prepare your smoothie. You’ll be drinking more liquids without even noticing it.

3. Green smoothies can be a good way to get kids to “eat” their vegetables. 
You might need to start with a higher proportion of fruit vs. vegetables (for example, 70/30 instead of the standard 60/40) until they get used to the flavor.

4. Green smoothies will provide you with a lasting source of energy. 
Fruits are a good source of energy, but eaten alone will only provide short bursts of energy (they contain lots of sugars, which are quickly metabolized). Because of their high content of veggies, green smoothies have a balanced sugar content.

5. Green smoothies are low in calories but very filling. 
Because they contain high amounts of water and fiber, they’ll make you feel as if you just ate a full meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, green smoothies will help fight hunger and cravings while helping the pounds melt off easier.

6. Green smoothies are a great way to eat your veggies easily. 
Although most people like fruit, many have trouble getting their daily requirement of veggies. When you make a green smoothie, the taste of the greens is hidden by the taste of the fruit, so you don’t even notice the veggies are there.

7. Green smoothies are easy and quick to make. 
The only equipment you need is a blender (and a pitcher if you make large amounts and need to store some in the fridge).

8. Homemade green smoothies are cheap. 
Buying smoothies at a juice bar can set you back quite a few bucks. At home, combining fruits and vegetables won’t cost you more than a few cents. Drinking a glass every day will provide you with all the vitamins you need, a much cheaper (and more natural) option than buying multivitamins.

9. Green smoothies offer pure nutrition. 
The amount of vitamins you’ll get depends on the fruits and vegetables you choose for the smoothie. However, most fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins A and C. Guava is also high in folate, while avocados provide high amounts of potassium and magnesium.

10. Green smoothies are much healthier than fruit or vegetable juices. 
When juices are extracted, you get vitamins and minerals but no fiber. However, smoothies are made using the whole fruit/vegetable, so you get all the fiber in your drink.
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