Sudden sorrow of the sneezing is dangerous

Sudden sorrow of the sneezing is dangerous

Everyone sneezes out Preventing is very difficult. But sometimes there are situations that need to be prevented by stopping sneezing. But doing so means bringing defeat to death.

In fact, when the nose or mouth closes during sneezing, the pressure of the body increases in such a way that the risk of severe damage increases inside the body. Even the brain may cause serious injuries due to injury. So do not stigmatize the snake!

Can we say when our sneezes come? Actually when our body protects us against infection caused by harmful substances present in the environment, sneezing usually comes. So it is to say that sneeze is not a bad thing, but it is very useful for the body. That's why, when the nose gets sneezing repeatedly from time to time, then the body is trying hard to save you. So doctors urge the defense mechanisms to obstruct the middle path.

When our body tries to enter many harmful bacteria, then a special mechanism of the body becomes activated by sneezing. All those harmful substances come out of our body at about 160 kilometers / hour of speed in sneezing. As a result, the fear of disease decreases.

Now understand how important it is to get sneezing repeatedly to stay healthy. Recently, a study on this topic has shown that during sneezing, hot swim air is going to get out of the nose and mouth. If this air pressure is stuck at that time, then the air flow enters the body through the opposite direction. As a result, severe pressure is created on the throat and lungs at the very beginning. As a result of this loss of lung and body parts, the brain also increases the risk of injury. So be careful!

It is not the end here, in some case studies, it can be severely damaged if multiple parts of our body are severely damaged during sneezing. Even this may be due to death. Actually, the speed at which the air is going out in the sneeze, it goes into the body at the speed of the lymph and causes severe pressure on the ears, brain, ghar, diapharam etc. As a result, gradually the performance of these parts of the body begins to decline. This is not the end, there is a danger of many more damage during sneezing. At the

Either a 34-year-old man had already forgotten sneezing during the office meeting. Because of this, there were so many injuries in the neck due to the problem. There was also pain with him. Now it is understood that if someone does not give any importance to sneeze in the eyes of the eyes, it is directly linked to the body's goodness.

Sneezing is harmful? During the sneezing, air came out of the nose with a speed of 100-160 kilometers / hour. So if this air flow is forcibly stuck, then it moves inside the body at the same speed and damages multiple organs. For example, if the ear is affected then the ear screen may be broken. As a result, the increase in the amount of hair loss is increased.

This is not the end of the day, when the sneezing of the body begins to increase the amount of harmful bacteria. As a result, the risk of infection increases.

Eyes, neck, and brain are deadly: There are multiple nerve damages when the speed of the air in the capital, the wind speed at the same speed, when the eye hits. Due to this, decreasing vision and blindness also increases. And if there is an impact on the gharer then there can be a serious injury. It is not the end here, many studies have found that at this speed, the air flow gets accumulated in the brain by more than one nerve, then it can lead to stroke and hence the cause of death.

So if you want to live longer than sneezing please do not stop. Why are we stuck in sneezing? Most people do this because of socialization. Many people think that respect will go away when people are in society or when sneezing occurs in the meeting, so immediately the hand is pocketed and the nose comes in front of the handkerchief. Hopefully this will not happen from now on. Because social dignity seems to be healthy, it is more important to do so!

A Health teacher and Midwife..

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