Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair and Health

Benefits of Aloe Vera for Hair and Health

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that stores water in its fleshy green leaves. Its benefits are not limited to Agricultural and Pharmaceutical sectors. The use of Aloe Vera dates back thousand of years. The water or gel from Aloe Vera leaves contains bio-active compounds such as vitamins, antioxidants, amino-acids, enzymes and these has important health benefits. Its antioxidant properties helps to build the immune system and a good source for zinc deficiency. Aloe has been applicable is solving health problems such lowering blood sugar, reducing constipation and diabetics.

It is also helps in the treatment of burns, sores, especially first and second degree burns. It anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help accelerate healing process.It is applicable on itchy and dry hair scalp which can be a good alternatives to most hair shampoos and conditioners that have harmful chemicals.

The processing of Aloe Vera, affects the active elements, it is advisable to use or apply fresh Aloe Vera. Wash your Aloe Vera leaves before use. The water or gel is extracted by peeling the green covering off and blending the gel. For drinking purpose please always mix with water. Note, not all Aloe Vera species are edible. Just like any other product, abuse or over-usage has a side effect, please follow the recommended dosage. Always consult your doctor for advice.

5 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Is the Key to Amazing Hair

Say bye-bye to frizz and fly-aways and hello to aloe vera gel! Whether you buy the bottled stuff or go full Pinterest mode and create your own, the beautiful sleek results will leave you satisfied. And as for you curlies out there, look no further for the ultimate curl pattern definer.

Aloe vera has amazing anti-fungal properties that will break down buildup and bacteria on the scalp. Using aloe vera gel or juice as a pre-poo will aid in clearing any impurities from the scalp. Its cleansing enzymes destroy dead skin flakes so your scalp can breathe easy. Even better, aloe vera will help you maintain a healthy pH balance to prevent dandruff from happening again

If tangles are your deal, allow aloe vera to be your new bestie. Similar to the chemical composition of hair protein keratin, aloe vera easily penetrates the entire hair shaft leaving hair soft and lustrous. To get the full softening benefit, aloe vera is best used as a homemade conditioner or detangling agent. (Pro-tip: Mix aloe vera juice or gel + distilled water, honey, and coconut oil for the ultimate super soft conditioner.)


With its long list of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, it’s no secret that aloe vera is also great at helping our strands grow. The plant will attack those pesky skin cells clogging your follicles and set your growth goals free! As a result of its scalp soothing capabilities, hair loss and balding is also treated. Try adding it to your diet by taking a quick shot of Aloe Vera juice in the AM.

Aloe vera gel will leave your strands shiny without them feeling worn down. Just a dime-size drop of this air-light gel will smooth out your hair cuticles, lock in moisture, and enhance shine. You’ll never want to use store-bought serums again!

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