Foods You Should't Reheat in a Microwave

Foods You Should't Reheat in a Microwave

Some people became dependent on the microwave oven. for fast heating but others are using it incorrectly for reheated foods. There are dangerous risks involved in making foods. We know we should not zap aluminum foil. metal, or plastic.

A microwave does not cook food evenly which means bacteria present in the reheated foods will survive. To minimize some risk of the microwave oven like blasting which results in carcinogenic toxins.

Avoid using a microwave oven to reheat these foods:
Hard-boiled eggs

Like a miniature pressure cooker, the moisture inside creates an extreme steam when a hard-boiled egg is cooked in a microwave oven even if it with shell or without the shell.


It is said to be great when n mothers freeze and store their milk for later use.
Because microwave's heat plate cooked unevenly, same with the bottled be=reastmilk, it is also heated unevenly.

Processed meat

Processed meat or marinated meat usually contain chemicals and preservatives. it is used to extend the shelf lives. Microwaving these meats make the substance bad for your health. We might be unknowingly exposed to chemical changes in oxidized cholesterol. which may be linked to the development of coronary heart disease.


Rice, are you kidding me? Well, according to gto Food Standards Agency microwaving rice isn't good for health, it can sometimes a reason for food poisoning. The presence of the bacteria called Bacillus cereus which is a highly resistant bacteria. The heat can kill the bacteria but it can produce very toxic spores and they are heat resistant. Food poisoning occurs when the rice is left at room temperature after microwaving, any spores it contain can multiply and cause food poisoning.

Leafy greens

Saving your veggies like spinach celery and other leafy greens that is leftovers, try to reheat them in conventional oven rather than microwave oven. This is because the naturally occurring nitrates that are good for your health may convert to nitrosamines.

Hot pepper

The capsaicin is the chemical that gives the spicy flavor of the red chili peppers is released into the air when hor peppers are reheated in the microwave oven.

A Health teacher and Midwife..

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